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Thursday, June 16, 2011

13 exits till we are outta texas!

Well, I haven't felt good since yesterday evening. Im not sure if I ate something bad or not but Ive found myself visiting the bathroom very frequently the last two days.  Today I tried to walk and didn't get far. I grabbed a hotel room and here I am....hope this bug goes away by tomorrow. I need to make some progress. On a lighter note, Chris made it here yesterday.
I had been staying with a senior NCO on Ft Bliss the past few days and Chris met up with me at the gate and I guided him to MSG Domko's House on post. Chris and I stayed there last night and got some good sleep. I could tell he was exhausted as he was nodding off on the couch while watching TV.
We drove around post for a while this morning loading up on a few supplies and by lunch I was on the trail again. Like I said, I didn't feel good so I didn't make it far but its progress, kinda.
So, tomorrow is another day and we will give it a go again. Hoping for much better progress tomorrow.
Wishing everyone a good night... Im off to bed.

PS, A lady by the name of Glennette Jackson set up a Scentsy fundraiser. 25% of all sales will go to the TREK and our charities. If you haven't seen it yet, go by and see if there is something you like. You can donate and get a great product all at the same time. The link is on my personal FB page and the T4H page.

So, goodnight.

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