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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Something's buggin me.

Yesterday was a fun filled and exciting day... let me tell you all about it. Actually, let me eat a little humble pie and detail my misery. Feel free to laugh.

As you ,ayknow from my recent postings on FB and Twitter... Ive picked up a stomach bug over the past few days. I have basically urinated from my behind for two days now. I decided yesterday that even though I felt bad and was probably a tad bit dehydrated I would walk. I made it 18 miles and crossed into New Mexico around 5PM. During this 18 mile walk yesterday I experienced an issue. I had an accident. In my pants. Yes, I crapped myself.  Worse thing about it.... besides having poo in my pants..... I had to walk a good half mile to the next gas station. I got to a Circle K where I went straight to the handicapped stall since I would need room to move. I ended up cutting away my undies and trashing them. I cleaned up and headed out again. Adding to this event was that the wind was blowing in my face fairly strong. Now that I had no under pants on and the wind was blowing directly at me... OH! and my shorts were super thin.......I was showing off all of my "features" to passing motorists. The upside to all this? I was pleasantly cool for the remainder of my walk.

Ok, enough of that.... Here is the game plan at this point. We are going to keep walking for Special Operations Warrior Foundation. The original donations page at is still up and still taking donations. Soldiers Angels has been a big help since the FB page sabatage and Chris and I are thankful to have their support. Ms Patti who is the founder has been great in helping with connections.  We will walk to help support them as well.
We will continue as originally planned and stay the course. At this point I wont worry about my personal finances. I think it was selfish of me to even allow that to be a consideration by me and so I apologize to anyone I let down because of it.
So, on thru New Mexico then to Tucson and Phoenix in Arizona and then CALI!

At this point I am feeling a little better and I think by tomorrow Ill be good to go.
Im going to go eat a little something now and get some Gatorade in me....


  1. Dehydration, as you well know, is not something to take lightly. The combined issues of sweating in the heat and having the runs can take you downhill fast. You can have organs going down quickly. So if you want to finish well, take the time to get well before heading back out in that heat, OK? If you had food poisoning, you may need an antibiotic to get well. I sent along some colloidal silver that might help. You probably need some probiotics to normalize your system also. Have you been able to take some Immodium and did that help? Get some medical attention if you are still having the runs. It will help you get back out there and be able to do meet our goals!!! You know I love you!

  2. This is one time you REALLY need to listen to "Mom". You are a medic, Matt, so you know this isn't good. So PLEASE take care of yourself. Luv you too.

  3. Matt, Matt, Matt...I'll tell you the same thing I tell my boys. If you'd listen to your mama you wouldn't end up in such a pickle. You may be bigger but your mama is smarter. And don't ever think your letting 'us' down. You'll complete this Trek but risking your health isn't the way to go about it. While you're goal is noble, you do have a little guy who counts on you being there as he grows up, so take care of your health first and everything else will fall into place.

  4. I think you all have me confused with a knuckle dragging Neanderthal! I'm appreciative of all your concern. Certainly moms are smart people. I think I'm pretty smart also..... This is the guy who would train at the gym in a dehydrated state and reduced calorie state in order to prep for the desert days and possible situations like this. I assure you that I put myself thru worse in my own workouts just to make this time easier. I do think about my son daily and I know how much he is counting on me. I take him into account with every decision I make. Just as I knew there is danger in enlisting and deploying there is danger in walking America. Chris and I will succeed in our mission... We will not falter... We will not fail :)

  5. Sorry Matt...sometimes my sense of humor is lost on people...I don't you're knuckle dragging, otherwise you'd have a different set of problems on your Trek.

  6. No, I gotcha. Its hard to convey certain meaning via text.

  7. It has been a few days now since your last post. I am thinking service is getting sketchy to say the least. Hope you got over this bug ok, and doing good. I know you will post when you can. Be safe (as always), patiently waiting to here from you.

  8. I would like to help you if I can. I have posted your link in my website. I hope you make it.I would like to get in touch with you guys. One on One via Phone I am taking a break right now If you need some help setting up another web site I got some time I can set it up and just hand it off to you. Sorry about ASSHOLE! never did feel good about him ever. I am using a weebly website builder please stop over and check it out if you got time.@ I would like to send you some money via credit card so you get it in your hand. I know what it is like out there with out money. You have faith though God did not put you out there to starve you guys will be ok I know it.