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Monday, January 31, 2011

White Springs Florida

So my cousin dropped me off at the Winn Dixieacross from the VA this morning and wished me safe travels. I struck out down 41 north again with patched up blisters on my feet. I took an easy pace and made an effort to take many breaks to rest and air out my feet. I arrived in town near dusk and went to a gas station to stock up on water. While I was outside packing my new water bottles in my pack a lady inquired as to where I was going... So I explained my mission statement to her and she went on to give me a five dollar bill and wish me well. A store employee was standing there and she handed me all her pocket change. I wontturn down any donation especially when it comes in such a genuine manner. I moved across the street to Fat Bellys BBQ place and enjoyed a delicious plate of sliced pork, fries and baked beans. I wish I had left overs right now! While I was eating a lady that had been sitting behind me came to stand by me while she was waiting on her husband to pay. She was interested in why I was doing as well and I started to explain but little did I know it was a ploy to grab my bill and pay it! She tool and the bill and was gone in a half second. I didn't have time to react haha. About that time another group at another table asked me from across the room about my purpose. Well, I thanked the lady for paying and ran over to introduce myself to the table and explain my mission. They were interested in the foundation and the Trek and I enjoyed sharing with them. After I finished I went back over to my table and found a 20 dollar bill in my hat. Don't know where it came fom. In a few minutes the people from the table across the room passed by mutable as they were leaving and said fodbye and gave me well wishes. One of te gentlemen asked if I was taking donations for my trip an I said yes so he tossed another 20 into my hat and left. What a day. What great day with great experiences and great people. I ended up at a little cheap motel tonight. All the campsites were closed bythe time I got to tem and I couldn't find a reasonable location around the city so I got a cheap room. Today was. Good day. A great day. I'm excited for tomorrow. There a few old bldgs downtown I want to take pictures of so look forthem on FB and Twitter. Well, that's all for tonight. Until next time...

On the road again...

Yep. I'm walking. Gonna make it to Valdosta and take a week there. My feet are doing much better at the moment. I'll tak it slow with lots of breaks during the day. I'll try to make it on thurs night or by fri mid day.
I walked into 96.5 The Jet in Lake City and introduced myself this morning. Seems the morning show guys did a bit on the Trek in it's beginning stage. Once inside they were very welcoming and the staff were all very fun to be around. They are all a great group of guys. The interview should be on tomorrow morning so you can check it out then.
That's about all for now. I'll give you a short update tonight as to where I land for the evening. Until next time...

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lake City Florida

So te latest news is this.... I pushed on to Lake City late last night because my cousin works at the VA Hospital and I would be able to rest and eat. A big thanks to her for taking great care of me andseeing to my needs. I ended up checking in so that I could secure a room for the night. I said I was in for blisters and plantar fascitis so I ended up seeing the doctor about it. The doctor took a look and advised me to take a week or so off in order to allow my skin to heal. This is not what I wanted to hear but it's what I have to deal with for the moment if I want to finish this Trek. I will take the rest and come back in a week to finish that which I started. Inside of adversity is opportunity and this would seem to be my adversity at this moment. I have no doubt that something positive will come from it.
So that's pretty much it right now. I'll keep you updated on my status and let you know when my medical rest is up. This Trek is far from over so don't go tofar away... I'll be back.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

On my way to Lake City

Just a reminder... I am trekking for a cause. I would really appreciate it as would the families of the fallen if you would stop by the donations page and offer a gift of any amount. It does not have to be 100 or 200 or 1000 although that would be great, what's even greater is your heartfelt compassion..... So, give 10 or 5 or even 1.32... In the bigger picture, every penny adds up and it goes to a beautiful purpose.

Friday, January 28, 2011

High Springs

I made it to High Springs Fl which is the town before Lake City. I'm beat. Tent is up and I'm going to bed. I'll catch you up tomorrow night.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

City of Archer, County of Alachua

I'm in the woods near the Kangaroo gas station keepin warm. My friend Sal stopped by to see me earlier today and bring me several items that will help with this Trek. Sal walked from Florida to San Diego for several causes and has a foundation of useful knowledge. He has a website for his cause which I can't seem to locate right now... It's on a piece of paper her in the tent. Anyways, check him out in my FB page for Trek for Hope as he has a comment on the main page. Salvatore P. So, I have been dealing with this nasty blister on my right foot in between my big and second toe. Bad spot. It's deep an a lil painful but I've been airing it out as much as possible and it's doing better. I also have new shoes thanks to my Gma and my cousin. The shoes are soooooo much better than my army boots. Wow, I just noticed that my tent feels like the heat is on in here! Well, I won't be cold tonight.
Several more generous ppl today... The young lady that manages 5 ACE Hardware stores gave me a few dollars and a box of vanilla wafers which are half gone. I don't know how to properly spell her name so I will just say thank you "A".... Another youg lady gave a huge cup of ice water to take with me. I passed her home and she was sitting out front and asked me if I was thirsty and I was so she gave me water. She told me that alot of homeless ppl pass by here and she gives them water. I had to explain that I was homeless by choice and I went onto explain the cause. She then thanked me and went about her business. So many others today... The guy in the car stopping and offering money and a ride... The mail lady who has a green beret for a son... The gas station clerk that said he wasn't rich but gave a dollar anyways.... Just so many ppl eager to give and some that give without even knowing the cause. Simply astonishing in so many ways.
Well, I'm headed to Lake City eventually... My cuz lives there and has offered me a place to sty... She is the same one that took me to find shoes. I def have a very giving family myself.
I'm gonna call it a night. Get some sleep. Take care everyone and I will talk to you soon. Until next time...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Staying in a motel in Dunnellon courtesy of a gentleman New Yorker.

It's storming pretty good here right now and really has been since lunch time. I'm at the TWO RIVERS INN off Pennsylvania Ave in Dunnellon. I was under the foyer roof at Peace Lutheran Church when a man named Ted drove up and asked if I needed help. I think he may have thought I was a vagrant and was offering me a place for te night. I told him I would give the weather a few hours and see if I could press on so he gave me his number and said call him should I change my mind. I waited a while, called him and asked if his offer was still good and it was. So I'm warm and dry with a shower and soon to be clean laundry because of this fine man. The innkeeper, Bill, and his wife run the place. As he tells me this usedto be the officers barracks for the glider troop back in the 40's. This place has a lot of cool history. Bill is also related to the late Gen. Chilcoat that was a military advisor to President Bush. Amazing how small the world really is. I enjoyed talking with Bill an hope to seehim an the TWO RIVErS INN on the return trip.
Earlier today I had an interview with Fisher and Boyd of 97X. I was told it would be played on the wed morning show so check that out and let me know what you think.
Around 1030 this morning I walk into the Dunnellon subway to get an early lunch and to wait out the weather and a sweet lady comes over to me and asks about my cause and thenshe gives me a lunch donation and prays for me right there into store. As I start walking down the road a bit later another lady that was in the subway stops and gives me an angel pin and the second half of her sub which was good because I was hungry while sitting under that church shelter. Her name was E.T.
I can't wait to see what tomorrows holds. Everyday surprises me.
Until next time...

T4H is now on Twitter!!!

So I did an interview with Fisher and Boyd today which should air Wed and they said I should get on twitter, so, I did.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Eating oranges in Citrus Springs FL

So yesterday was a great day. I met many awesome and giving people. I don't like to wait two to write since I forget pieces but I was so tired last night. Anyways, I wantto the local VFW in Floral City and told them all about what I was doing. I was astounded by the greeting I received.... As soon as I walked in they all started clapping and welcomed me as their own. I was moved by this. Made me want to stay just because you instantly felt apart of history and part of an honorable existence. Amazing ppl that gave to the Trek. Earlier that day an Army vet of Iraq and Afghanistan pulled over while I was walking and he and his friends and family got out and spoke with me for a while and took some pictures. Great ppl. Well I gave them a card with my number on it later they texted me that they were ata local watering hole and that I should stop in when I pass by. It took me a lil bit to get there but I made it. This place was called the Wishing Well Tavern and had a great stone exterior with a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The place had been there since the '20s an has an awesome history. The lady barkeeper gave me a handful of slimjims and crackers to fuel my walk. Those came in handy later. After socializing for a bit it was time to go. I think I'll stop in again on the way back thru. I ended up going to the north en of Inverness last night and found some woods next to a K mart to sleep in. It was a restless night. Didn't sleep well. When I woke up and got going I found a little deli that had amaIng blueberry cake donuts and hot coffee. Man this were good. I walked for a while an came to Hernando and met an airforce vet from the ol days that bought me a hotdog lunch and drove it back to me from where ge bought it. I really appreciated it since I was starving about that time. I was at a gas station when this happened and the attendant gave me a free water which I quickly drank this afternoon. It did get a lil warm later today. The vet told me to stop by the stand as I walked which was bout 2 miles in front of me so, I walked to it and stopped in to see the owner. His name was mark and he wasa really great guy besides making great hotdogs. He gave me another free hotdog with chips and a pepsi, which I devoured, and we sat an talked fir a bit. Truly nice guy with a giving heart. Did I mention he is a vet also? We are everywhere it seems. So , right behind the gotdog stand is a produce center. Very nice place to. The owner ,Kris,(spelling?) brought me out a bag of strawberries, apples, oranges and bananas which is why I titled tonights blog as I did. A bit later Peter shows up with a group of guys an tells me about his produce farm and his rescue mission. Peter works witha rescue mission that works to put people back on their feet when they find themselves without a home. His mission is called THE PATH and you might wanna go check it out at A few minutes later Shannon shoes up which is Kris's sister an we take a few photos and speak for a minute. Really great ppl. Yesterday I met a woman who has a son in civil air patrol which I used to b in when I was young. I wish you an your son the best.

Well, I'm just gonna finish letting my batteries charge and then find. Spot for the night. I need a shower soon.
Until next rime...

Next Destination...

Headed to dunnellon today or at least get close. I did a pretty good bit of walking yesterday and I'm feeling it still. Thinking I should invest in a baby stroller to save my feet and shoulders. We will see.... I write more later tonight. I need to get moving soon.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Staying in Brooksville Fl

Wow, where do I start about today?! I did a live on air phone interview with ABC Action News in Tampa this morning. I would like to correct myself again as I made another mistake... I'm my previous post I stated it was news channel 27. I stated the wrong station and it's ABC Action News. So the interview was short and sweet but very helpful in getting the word out. Not long after it aired a man found me that had walked from fl to cal also and did it for cancer. He gave me many pointers and supplies and then sent me on my way just a little smarter. About the same time a lady pulled up and said she heard me on tv also an had to come find me. She gave me some awesome coffee cakes with peanut butter m an m and then we exchanged info. She took a few pictures and drove off but came bck to tell me that she was going to interview on a local radio station in a few minutes if I wanted. I of course agreed and I walked down to the hernando county line where a gas station was. We waited there a few minutes till the spot opened on air and in the mean time I took a few more pics with some ppl outside the store. I did the interview and was able to get the word out which is what this is all about. I know that today I wasn't able to make it past Brooksville but thys ok because I passed out a lot of cards and was able to reach out o many ppl about why I am doing this TREK and again, that's why I am walking. I have met so many wonderful ppl today and I am grateful to all of them for stopping me an saying hello. Everything from the water to the free pepsi at a gas station to the free media support. Thank you all. Brande is the name of the lady that got me on the radio station. She went so far as to get me a meal at a local eatery in downtown Brooksville at the Main Street Eatery. Thanks to everyone there for the awesome meal and the great welcome. Brand and her roommate Nancy then offered me a place tosleep and shower which I took. It's cold tonight an I am glad I did. So many great ppl, so little time to spend because I have to keep walking. I have a long road ahead... But a good one.

Goodnight everyone....until nexttime...

Friday, January 21, 2011

Correction to previous post information...Troy Yocum not Cory. Sorry.

21JAN-12 Miles from Brooksville FL

So it's 8:45 and I'm ready for bed. Today went well. I went over 15 miles today I think. I'm camped out next to a church off 41 waiting on my phone to charge up. Technology is great but it has it's crutches. News Chanel 27 in Tampa is going to be doing a live phone interview around 9:24 in the morning. I understand it will be with Bill Logan who interviewed me at the sendoff.
Several ppl have contacted either myself or SOWF in regards to puttin me up for the night and I want to say thank you for your generosity.

There is a link on my FB page for a Cory Yocum and his "Hike for our Heros" journey. He called me today while we both were walking an we talked about our causes. He is doing a great thing and you should check out his page when you get a moment.

I was yelled at by someone earlier for pitching tent on wooded land. It looked unused to me but I didn't want anyone coming at me with a shotgun so I moved on up to where I am now. Better safe than sorry.

Anyways, that's pretty much all that went on today. Fairly uneventful. I did pass out some of my cards and I also got Raines but it has really been a good day all things considered. So, that's it fortnight.
Until next time...


No more sidewalks!

21JAN-Land O Lakes

So my bag broke yesterday afternoon. Took me some time to rearrange all my gear on my person so I could travel. A replacment bag was donated last night but I'm not to sure it's gonna work yet. I'll know shortly.
Yesterday a sweet lady gave me 2 dollars to help out... That's a big bottle of water right there! I also met a wonderful couple in Lutz that were generous enough to walk along with me a short ways with me to a gas station where they bought me water andsnickers. The store owner an his son came outside to meet me because try saw me on tv the previous night also and they gave me several Gatorade products. Raquel an Ben stopped by for dinner last night again. It's always good to see my son.

Well, I gotta get a move on.... I'm not offering a prediction as to where I'll b or how far I will get since it seems issues keep arising that throw me off.
Until next time...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

19JAN-north tampa

So I made 14 ish miles today which isn't to bad for a half day of walking. Tomorrow I'm looking for a full twenty. I should be in the area of the Pilot County Airport if I hit my mark. That will take me through Land O Lakes.
I'm in my tent and on my sleeping bag which I am grateful to have right about now. On the way down Dale Mabry I stopped at a Bank of America to activate my debit card and a woman stopped me and asked me what I was doing. I went on to explain about the Trek and the proceedings earlier at SOWF. She then gave 20 dollars to me which she deposited in my account. Thank you ma'am.

Raque, my sons wonderful mother, tracked me down a little bit ago and brought me food and a final visit with Ben. That was double enjoyment.
I am tired from pressing hard earlier. I actually dumped 15+ pounds from my ruck earlier today . I mailed 10 to GA and gave Raquel and 5-7 to mail off as well. I can certainly tell the difference in every pound.

I met a sweet young woman at the UPS store that helped me mail my packages. Thank you Fiona.

Ok I am beat... I'm going to bed.... Until tomm....

19JAN-Somewhere near north Tampa.... ish.

Yeah so I stopped at the UPS store an mailed off some cold weather items because my pack was just to heavy. Right now I'm gonna lighten my pack a lil more by eating. It's 4 hrs into this and I am starving!!!


Its time to take that first step into the unknown and start the journey of a lifetime.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


So its just a few days till I take that first step. Im ready to get started.  I drove down yesterday morning so that I would have a few extra days to spend with Ben. We have been playing with his toys and watching the Ninja Turtles non-stop it seems. For those of you in the Valdosta area, the story about the walk came out yesterday in the Daily Times. It was a good story and I am appreciative of Dean Poling for taking the time to write about it.

So just a reminder that on Wed the 19th at 10am the Foundation is having a send-off brunch. If you are in the Tampa area and wish to stop by, please do. The Foundation is off El Prado. I would love to see you all there.

Dont forget to say your prayers for those who have lost someone while serving. I would appreciate it if you could do the same for me while I am on this TREK.

The above link is to the donations page. Thanks again to all who have given and to those who are planning to give in the future, its never to late to give and as long as I am walking you are invited to give to this TREK.

Little man is playing with his Sponge Bob puzzle and wants me to help so Im gonna go.
Until next time......

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Veteran Will Walk from Tampa to Los Angeles and Back]

Veteran Will Walk from Tampa to Los Angeles and Back]

Here is the preview to what the Foundation is putting up on their website!

12JAN-Guess Where?!

Hey All,
A lot of you have offered me a place to sleep or know someone that would put me up for a night along my route. Can you please email me and let me know these cities associated with these sleep stops? The Foundation is putting a map on their website to track me and wanted to have this info to go along with it. Please let me know ASAP! Thank You.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


So yesterday Mom and I opened up a bank acct at Bank of America that will be partly for any donations that are for supplies while on the road. Some ppl have expressed interest in donating to that aspect of the trip... food, shoes etc and this will let them donate directly to that. If anyone is interested in that email me and let me know. Mom also went ahead and ordered some "business" cards for the trip that have the websites and my info on them and I will be passing them out along the route.

I have a meeting with a reporter from the Valdosta Daily Times this coming thursday. The reporter said they caught wind of the TREK from my Grandmother and they were wanting to write a story on it. I am looking forward to the meeting and even more so to the story.

The tent issue has been solved and one is en-route to me at this time. Again, thanks to mom.

Until next time....

Saturday, January 8, 2011


BE ADVISED- There is a new look to the donations page. The addy for that new look is  The old addy does and will work for the life of the page it just really depends on what page style you want to see. If you use the old addy to visit the page then if you will look up near the top right corner of the page you should see a link taking you to the new page.


The time for me to leave is fast approaching. I am  getting more and more excited and anxious to take that first step. I can not say enough thanks to my fraternity brothers, friends and family for their continued support. My frat brother, Codee, has been a huge help in getting the word out to the local sororities here in Valdosta. At the time of this writing I understand that at least two sororities have decided to donate to the cause. Thank You Codee! Last night I was out at a local sports bar with several friends. Throughout the night several people came up to me and offered places to stay along the route. I am grateful for this support because that means shower and laundry haha! A big thank you to Turk and his amazing girlfriend Mariah for their personal contribution last night. Thank You Both! My friends Chad and Katie have been great supporters of me. Last night Chad and I had about an hour of guy talk while we forced Katie to sit in the backseat of the truck and listen. LOL Hope you learned a little bit about us men Katie!
My Army buddy and former roommate in Iraq, Scott, has been working hard to promote this TREK on so many levels. He will be at the send-off taking photos of the day. Thank You Scott!
A friend of mine from Army Combat Medic school in Texas is deploying soon. She has moved up to become a flight medic and will be working in that position while deployed. Please keep her and her unit in your prayers.
As I am writing this I am remembering a good friend and fellow Army Medic who I had the honor of going to Medic school with. His last name was Parrish like mine and he was blonde and stood about 6'1" as best I remember. He was a good 'ol boy from Jasper Alabama and we hit it off great as you can imagine. Dustin went on to be assigned to an engineer unit that conducted sweeps of the routes that our forces used to move through the country of Iraq, this was known as route clearance. One day while out on a routine mission his truck was hit by an IED. Dustin was the medic for the mission that day. As I understand it, he was severely wounded by the blast and was unable to be saved by his fellow soldiers. He left behind a little boy that was still young at the time. Dustin loved his son very much, in fact, we would have conversations about our sons almost daily and they always seemed to revolve around how we loved and missed them and wanted them to be better than our perception of ourselves. Now he will never be able to be the Father he so desired to be. I can remember his smile when he would talk about his son and how his face would light up as he spoke. Those are great memories of a great soldier, medic, father and friend.

Dont forget to pass this blog page on to your friends and family as well as the other pages dedicated to this TREK. Until next time.........

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

05JAN-Valdosta/Route Change

So I am gonna alter my route just a bit since I found out an Army buddy of mine is going to MSU in Starkville MS. So, once I pass Birmingham I am gonna head to Tuscaloosa and then over to Starkville and from there head down to Jackson MS. He is actually on the football team at MSU and doing well. See ya soon buddy.

05JAN-Moody Gym

Its time to get my lift on! Bring on the pain and misery, HAHA. Its chest and back today so alot of high reps with moderate weight. Gonna shrug today which I usually do for shoulders but, then again I dont have a usual workout so that really doesn't mean much. Gonna get my back and shoulders ready for the daily torture of carrying my ruck. I will be fine, its not something Im not used to. Anyways, Im off!!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


The SOWF is having a breakfast/brunch send-off at the SOWF HQ on the morning of the 19th. If anyone is in the area then please stop by and see me off. I would love to see your smiling faces.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Ok, A friend made a point to call me and let me know that it is illegal to walk the interstate in Florida and probably in other states as well. I would like to say that I will NOT be walking ON the interstate but for descriptive purposes I mentioned the interstate as a point of reference for my route. I will be walking within say 5 miles of the interstates mentioned in the route. Hopefully this clears up any concern. Thank You Friend :)

02JAN-My Room

A few things I forgot to mention:

I did want to say a huge THANK YOU to my friends at a local GNC for their support of nutritional supplements. You know who you are and you are appreciated.

Brad thanks for keeping my favorite guitar while I am gone. Keep her safe but play her lots.

Thanks to the Valdosta chapter of Delta Chi for all of the continued support. You guys have been great!

I also wanted to Thank my friend Dane..... He has been a good friend, roommate and co-worker. How bout them Dawgs? Its a rebuild year....

Dont forget that I have a FaceBook page dedicated to the TREK called "Trek For Hope" so if you are on FB and have not visited the page then please do so.

Alright, I think I got this time.

22DEC2010-02JAN2011 All Over

Happy New Year to everyone! I trust you all had a safe and enjoyable Christmas. Mine was mostly uneventful with the exception of good food with great family which I'm sure you all know about as well. New Years Eve was a great time. Several of my friends here in Valdosta put together a "moving party" where there are several houses within walking distance of each other and each house has a sort of theme or more like a different attraction such as games, beverages or food. I ended up seeing some good friends from years ago and making new ones throughout the night. I met this really cool Marine at the party that lives in Hawaii. Now, we had to compromise on a certain issue that he brought before me. See, my fraternity nickname from when I was involved in my fraternity, Delta Chi, was "Diesel" and it seems that he was named "Diesel" also by some of his buddies. We finally came to an agreement that I would retain "Diesel" so long as he was "Big Daddy Diesel." I conceded to that considering in reality I'm a bit bigger than he is hahaha, good meeting you Marine. I would like to say a huge THANKS to all my friends and family that have supported me in various ways with this TREK. It means alot to know you have my back in this.
I know its not the best time to be soliciting funds for a cause with Christmas just over but, that is partly why I am walking so if you find yourself able, please visit and donate to the Foundation. Every dollar counts and goes to a family or Warrior in need.
Also, 19 JAN is about 2 weeks away at this point... This is getting very real very fast for me. Im excited to do this and the aspect of the unknown is creating suspense. I want to get out there on the road and start talking to people and letting them know that this Foundation exists and what they do for our Warriors. I was talking to a really good friend of mine a few days ago and they made a point that even I didn't fully recognize in all of this. It was pointed out that people just automatically assume that Spec Ops Warriors dont need help. They are super soldiers that never get hurt, never need support and dont have families. I have to tell you that this is far from the truth and in my opinion alot of that thinking comes from Hollywood and the movies that are made in the image of these Heros. True these guys do what some people wont do and yes they are in many ways super soldiers but they are not bullet-proof and they dont live forever. They are humans just like you and me and some have spouses and children just like you may have. If that Warrior is killed doing his job he has now left behind that family and someone must come to their aid. Potentially the bread winner of the family is gone and now the whole dynamics of this family have changed in an instant. Its a horror story that no one wants to live no matter what profession yet many families are devastated by scenarios like this. The war itself may be out of the limelight of the media but the family and Warriors affected by it still must go on. Please remember those families and Warriors.

Ok, so I promised you a route and here it is. My plan is to use I20 on the outbound trip and I10 on the inbound.......
ITs gonna take me a day just to get out of Tampa LOL.....

From SOWF-Manhattan-Henderson-S Dale Mabry-N Dale Mabry-Willow Bend PKWY-Hwy 54-75N-
At this point I will head north on 75 to Valdosta-Macon-Atlanta where I will stay with the parents for a night and then take 20W to Birmingham Al-Meridian Ms-Jackson Ms-Monroe La-Shreveport La-Dallas Tx-Abilene Tx-Midland Tx-Pecos Tx-to the I10/I20 merge-I10W-Ft Bliss-Tuscon Az-Phoenix Az-LOS ANGELES!!!!!! On the way back I'm gonna retrace my route back to the I10/I20 split and head down I10E to Ft Stockton Tx-Kerrville Tx-San Antonio Tx-Houston Tx-Beaumont Tx-Lake Charles La-Lafayette La-Baton Rouge La-Im skipping NO due to all the bridges and using I12E to Slidell La-Biloxi Ms-Mobile Al- At this point Im going to try to walk Battleship PKWY or I10 in order to keep from having to go way north to skip the bays-Pensacola Fl-Tallahassee Fl-75 South and take it on home to Tampa. This is the planned routes but we all know things can change drastically once I'm out there. If it does change Ill keep you all posted through Face Book and this blog.

That is it for now. Remember Im leaving on the 19th from the Foundation so if you are in the area come see me off. Ill be leaving no later than lunch. Until next time..........