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Sunday, January 2, 2011

22DEC2010-02JAN2011 All Over

Happy New Year to everyone! I trust you all had a safe and enjoyable Christmas. Mine was mostly uneventful with the exception of good food with great family which I'm sure you all know about as well. New Years Eve was a great time. Several of my friends here in Valdosta put together a "moving party" where there are several houses within walking distance of each other and each house has a sort of theme or more like a different attraction such as games, beverages or food. I ended up seeing some good friends from years ago and making new ones throughout the night. I met this really cool Marine at the party that lives in Hawaii. Now, we had to compromise on a certain issue that he brought before me. See, my fraternity nickname from when I was involved in my fraternity, Delta Chi, was "Diesel" and it seems that he was named "Diesel" also by some of his buddies. We finally came to an agreement that I would retain "Diesel" so long as he was "Big Daddy Diesel." I conceded to that considering in reality I'm a bit bigger than he is hahaha, good meeting you Marine. I would like to say a huge THANKS to all my friends and family that have supported me in various ways with this TREK. It means alot to know you have my back in this.
I know its not the best time to be soliciting funds for a cause with Christmas just over but, that is partly why I am walking so if you find yourself able, please visit and donate to the Foundation. Every dollar counts and goes to a family or Warrior in need.
Also, 19 JAN is about 2 weeks away at this point... This is getting very real very fast for me. Im excited to do this and the aspect of the unknown is creating suspense. I want to get out there on the road and start talking to people and letting them know that this Foundation exists and what they do for our Warriors. I was talking to a really good friend of mine a few days ago and they made a point that even I didn't fully recognize in all of this. It was pointed out that people just automatically assume that Spec Ops Warriors dont need help. They are super soldiers that never get hurt, never need support and dont have families. I have to tell you that this is far from the truth and in my opinion alot of that thinking comes from Hollywood and the movies that are made in the image of these Heros. True these guys do what some people wont do and yes they are in many ways super soldiers but they are not bullet-proof and they dont live forever. They are humans just like you and me and some have spouses and children just like you may have. If that Warrior is killed doing his job he has now left behind that family and someone must come to their aid. Potentially the bread winner of the family is gone and now the whole dynamics of this family have changed in an instant. Its a horror story that no one wants to live no matter what profession yet many families are devastated by scenarios like this. The war itself may be out of the limelight of the media but the family and Warriors affected by it still must go on. Please remember those families and Warriors.

Ok, so I promised you a route and here it is. My plan is to use I20 on the outbound trip and I10 on the inbound.......
ITs gonna take me a day just to get out of Tampa LOL.....

From SOWF-Manhattan-Henderson-S Dale Mabry-N Dale Mabry-Willow Bend PKWY-Hwy 54-75N-
At this point I will head north on 75 to Valdosta-Macon-Atlanta where I will stay with the parents for a night and then take 20W to Birmingham Al-Meridian Ms-Jackson Ms-Monroe La-Shreveport La-Dallas Tx-Abilene Tx-Midland Tx-Pecos Tx-to the I10/I20 merge-I10W-Ft Bliss-Tuscon Az-Phoenix Az-LOS ANGELES!!!!!! On the way back I'm gonna retrace my route back to the I10/I20 split and head down I10E to Ft Stockton Tx-Kerrville Tx-San Antonio Tx-Houston Tx-Beaumont Tx-Lake Charles La-Lafayette La-Baton Rouge La-Im skipping NO due to all the bridges and using I12E to Slidell La-Biloxi Ms-Mobile Al- At this point Im going to try to walk Battleship PKWY or I10 in order to keep from having to go way north to skip the bays-Pensacola Fl-Tallahassee Fl-75 South and take it on home to Tampa. This is the planned routes but we all know things can change drastically once I'm out there. If it does change Ill keep you all posted through Face Book and this blog.

That is it for now. Remember Im leaving on the 19th from the Foundation so if you are in the area come see me off. Ill be leaving no later than lunch. Until next time..........


  1. I like the route :) Houston yayyyyyyyy

  2. HAHA, I figured you would. Now, I can meet the little man!