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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

05JAN-Valdosta/Route Change

So I am gonna alter my route just a bit since I found out an Army buddy of mine is going to MSU in Starkville MS. So, once I pass Birmingham I am gonna head to Tuscaloosa and then over to Starkville and from there head down to Jackson MS. He is actually on the football team at MSU and doing well. See ya soon buddy.


  1. Your sister still knows quite a few people in the Jackson, MS area. You would need to let us know when you get in that area and we can contact them to have them put you up for a night and feed ya.

  2. Of course mother. I have no doubt you will be texting me every few hours just to keep tabs on me anyways.

  3. i've already sent a message out to some friends asking them about it ... will let you know if I hear anything.