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Monday, January 31, 2011

White Springs Florida

So my cousin dropped me off at the Winn Dixieacross from the VA this morning and wished me safe travels. I struck out down 41 north again with patched up blisters on my feet. I took an easy pace and made an effort to take many breaks to rest and air out my feet. I arrived in town near dusk and went to a gas station to stock up on water. While I was outside packing my new water bottles in my pack a lady inquired as to where I was going... So I explained my mission statement to her and she went on to give me a five dollar bill and wish me well. A store employee was standing there and she handed me all her pocket change. I wontturn down any donation especially when it comes in such a genuine manner. I moved across the street to Fat Bellys BBQ place and enjoyed a delicious plate of sliced pork, fries and baked beans. I wish I had left overs right now! While I was eating a lady that had been sitting behind me came to stand by me while she was waiting on her husband to pay. She was interested in why I was doing as well and I started to explain but little did I know it was a ploy to grab my bill and pay it! She tool and the bill and was gone in a half second. I didn't have time to react haha. About that time another group at another table asked me from across the room about my purpose. Well, I thanked the lady for paying and ran over to introduce myself to the table and explain my mission. They were interested in the foundation and the Trek and I enjoyed sharing with them. After I finished I went back over to my table and found a 20 dollar bill in my hat. Don't know where it came fom. In a few minutes the people from the table across the room passed by mutable as they were leaving and said fodbye and gave me well wishes. One of te gentlemen asked if I was taking donations for my trip an I said yes so he tossed another 20 into my hat and left. What a day. What great day with great experiences and great people. I ended up at a little cheap motel tonight. All the campsites were closed bythe time I got to tem and I couldn't find a reasonable location around the city so I got a cheap room. Today was. Good day. A great day. I'm excited for tomorrow. There a few old bldgs downtown I want to take pictures of so look forthem on FB and Twitter. Well, that's all for tonight. Until next time...


  1. It's cool to be able to see the road donations by their appearence on the donation page (! Keep spreading the message!!!

  2. Awesome story... Sounds like it could be a song.