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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

T4H is now on Twitter!!!

So I did an interview with Fisher and Boyd today which should air Wed and they said I should get on twitter, so, I did.


  1. Missed the interview. Sounds like your doing good. Meeting alot of good people. You should write a book after the Trek is done. Are you taking notes of all the stories you have? Take care Matt. With you always. Mike ,Lutz

  2. Matt, Was a great pleasure to have met you while you were passing through the Dunnellon area. Wear the angel pin/American Flag with pride which I am sure you will....Good luck and keep in touch as I will be looking forward to reading about your trip....will also be looking for you on the return trip and will have the arm working just fine! Until later...I wish you enough....ET ♥

  3. Mike-I don't know about a book... Im gonna stick with this blog for now. Who knows though.

    E.T.-it was great meeting you as well. Let me tell you, that sub was great later in the day. Thanks again!

  4. Mike- there are links to the interview on the FB page.