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Monday, January 24, 2011

Eating oranges in Citrus Springs FL

So yesterday was a great day. I met many awesome and giving people. I don't like to wait two to write since I forget pieces but I was so tired last night. Anyways, I wantto the local VFW in Floral City and told them all about what I was doing. I was astounded by the greeting I received.... As soon as I walked in they all started clapping and welcomed me as their own. I was moved by this. Made me want to stay just because you instantly felt apart of history and part of an honorable existence. Amazing ppl that gave to the Trek. Earlier that day an Army vet of Iraq and Afghanistan pulled over while I was walking and he and his friends and family got out and spoke with me for a while and took some pictures. Great ppl. Well I gave them a card with my number on it later they texted me that they were ata local watering hole and that I should stop in when I pass by. It took me a lil bit to get there but I made it. This place was called the Wishing Well Tavern and had a great stone exterior with a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The place had been there since the '20s an has an awesome history. The lady barkeeper gave me a handful of slimjims and crackers to fuel my walk. Those came in handy later. After socializing for a bit it was time to go. I think I'll stop in again on the way back thru. I ended up going to the north en of Inverness last night and found some woods next to a K mart to sleep in. It was a restless night. Didn't sleep well. When I woke up and got going I found a little deli that had amaIng blueberry cake donuts and hot coffee. Man this were good. I walked for a while an came to Hernando and met an airforce vet from the ol days that bought me a hotdog lunch and drove it back to me from where ge bought it. I really appreciated it since I was starving about that time. I was at a gas station when this happened and the attendant gave me a free water which I quickly drank this afternoon. It did get a lil warm later today. The vet told me to stop by the stand as I walked which was bout 2 miles in front of me so, I walked to it and stopped in to see the owner. His name was mark and he wasa really great guy besides making great hotdogs. He gave me another free hotdog with chips and a pepsi, which I devoured, and we sat an talked fir a bit. Truly nice guy with a giving heart. Did I mention he is a vet also? We are everywhere it seems. So , right behind the gotdog stand is a produce center. Very nice place to. The owner ,Kris,(spelling?) brought me out a bag of strawberries, apples, oranges and bananas which is why I titled tonights blog as I did. A bit later Peter shows up with a group of guys an tells me about his produce farm and his rescue mission. Peter works witha rescue mission that works to put people back on their feet when they find themselves without a home. His mission is called THE PATH and you might wanna go check it out at A few minutes later Shannon shoes up which is Kris's sister an we take a few photos and speak for a minute. Really great ppl. Yesterday I met a woman who has a son in civil air patrol which I used to b in when I was young. I wish you an your son the best.

Well, I'm just gonna finish letting my batteries charge and then find. Spot for the night. I need a shower soon.
Until next rime...


  1. I'm so enjoying your tales from the Trek. Thank you Lord for all the kind people He keeps putting in your path! Amazing!

  2. Matt, could some of your connections get you some MRE's to have with you?