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Friday, January 21, 2011

21JAN-Land O Lakes

So my bag broke yesterday afternoon. Took me some time to rearrange all my gear on my person so I could travel. A replacment bag was donated last night but I'm not to sure it's gonna work yet. I'll know shortly.
Yesterday a sweet lady gave me 2 dollars to help out... That's a big bottle of water right there! I also met a wonderful couple in Lutz that were generous enough to walk along with me a short ways with me to a gas station where they bought me water andsnickers. The store owner an his son came outside to meet me because try saw me on tv the previous night also and they gave me several Gatorade products. Raquel an Ben stopped by for dinner last night again. It's always good to see my son.

Well, I gotta get a move on.... I'm not offering a prediction as to where I'll b or how far I will get since it seems issues keep arising that throw me off.
Until next time...


  1. Good morning Matt. That was nice of the people at the gas station. I wish we could have talked longer. You are doing a great thing for a good cause. As a father of 2 who served it makes me proud to have met a great young man as you. I can't believe your pack broke. I know you will adapt. God speed and Andrea and I will follow you all the way to LA and back.

  2. Perhaps SOWF can arrange for you to get a military replacement at the next base/px you come close to?