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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Staying in Brooksville Fl

Wow, where do I start about today?! I did a live on air phone interview with ABC Action News in Tampa this morning. I would like to correct myself again as I made another mistake... I'm my previous post I stated it was news channel 27. I stated the wrong station and it's ABC Action News. So the interview was short and sweet but very helpful in getting the word out. Not long after it aired a man found me that had walked from fl to cal also and did it for cancer. He gave me many pointers and supplies and then sent me on my way just a little smarter. About the same time a lady pulled up and said she heard me on tv also an had to come find me. She gave me some awesome coffee cakes with peanut butter m an m and then we exchanged info. She took a few pictures and drove off but came bck to tell me that she was going to interview on a local radio station in a few minutes if I wanted. I of course agreed and I walked down to the hernando county line where a gas station was. We waited there a few minutes till the spot opened on air and in the mean time I took a few more pics with some ppl outside the store. I did the interview and was able to get the word out which is what this is all about. I know that today I wasn't able to make it past Brooksville but thys ok because I passed out a lot of cards and was able to reach out o many ppl about why I am doing this TREK and again, that's why I am walking. I have met so many wonderful ppl today and I am grateful to all of them for stopping me an saying hello. Everything from the water to the free pepsi at a gas station to the free media support. Thank you all. Brande is the name of the lady that got me on the radio station. She went so far as to get me a meal at a local eatery in downtown Brooksville at the Main Street Eatery. Thanks to everyone there for the awesome meal and the great welcome. Brand and her roommate Nancy then offered me a place tosleep and shower which I took. It's cold tonight an I am glad I did. So many great ppl, so little time to spend because I have to keep walking. I have a long road ahead... But a good one.

Goodnight everyone....until nexttime...


  1. Yay for all the wonderful publicity today and for all the sweet gestures that people have given to you. So glad your needs are being met while you help meet others. :) Love you!

  2. Sounds like a good day for you and SOWF both.

  3. Matt, I think we slowed you down in Brooksville, but as a result you made great milage the next day. Might have had something to do with Main Street Eatery's Cuban, Nancy's homemade manicotti, the shower & good night's sleep & the breakfast we sent you out with. It was fun to do & you are special.