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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


So yesterday Mom and I opened up a bank acct at Bank of America that will be partly for any donations that are for supplies while on the road. Some ppl have expressed interest in donating to that aspect of the trip... food, shoes etc and this will let them donate directly to that. If anyone is interested in that email me and let me know. Mom also went ahead and ordered some "business" cards for the trip that have the websites and my info on them and I will be passing them out along the route.

I have a meeting with a reporter from the Valdosta Daily Times this coming thursday. The reporter said they caught wind of the TREK from my Grandmother and they were wanting to write a story on it. I am looking forward to the meeting and even more so to the story.

The tent issue has been solved and one is en-route to me at this time. Again, thanks to mom.

Until next time....

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