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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lake City Florida

So te latest news is this.... I pushed on to Lake City late last night because my cousin works at the VA Hospital and I would be able to rest and eat. A big thanks to her for taking great care of me andseeing to my needs. I ended up checking in so that I could secure a room for the night. I said I was in for blisters and plantar fascitis so I ended up seeing the doctor about it. The doctor took a look and advised me to take a week or so off in order to allow my skin to heal. This is not what I wanted to hear but it's what I have to deal with for the moment if I want to finish this Trek. I will take the rest and come back in a week to finish that which I started. Inside of adversity is opportunity and this would seem to be my adversity at this moment. I have no doubt that something positive will come from it.
So that's pretty much it right now. I'll keep you updated on my status and let you know when my medical rest is up. This Trek is far from over so don't go tofar away... I'll be back.

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