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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Staying in a motel in Dunnellon courtesy of a gentleman New Yorker.

It's storming pretty good here right now and really has been since lunch time. I'm at the TWO RIVERS INN off Pennsylvania Ave in Dunnellon. I was under the foyer roof at Peace Lutheran Church when a man named Ted drove up and asked if I needed help. I think he may have thought I was a vagrant and was offering me a place for te night. I told him I would give the weather a few hours and see if I could press on so he gave me his number and said call him should I change my mind. I waited a while, called him and asked if his offer was still good and it was. So I'm warm and dry with a shower and soon to be clean laundry because of this fine man. The innkeeper, Bill, and his wife run the place. As he tells me this usedto be the officers barracks for the glider troop back in the 40's. This place has a lot of cool history. Bill is also related to the late Gen. Chilcoat that was a military advisor to President Bush. Amazing how small the world really is. I enjoyed talking with Bill an hope to seehim an the TWO RIVErS INN on the return trip.
Earlier today I had an interview with Fisher and Boyd of 97X. I was told it would be played on the wed morning show so check that out and let me know what you think.
Around 1030 this morning I walk into the Dunnellon subway to get an early lunch and to wait out the weather and a sweet lady comes over to me and asks about my cause and thenshe gives me a lunch donation and prays for me right there into store. As I start walking down the road a bit later another lady that was in the subway stops and gives me an angel pin and the second half of her sub which was good because I was hungry while sitting under that church shelter. Her name was E.T.
I can't wait to see what tomorrows holds. Everyday surprises me.
Until next time...


  1. Matt, I'm so glad to know you're dry & warm. I knew there would be good folks along the way. Looks like at least every third day you'll have a dry warm bed...Brande

  2. It's a great thing for sure! Every third day would be fine with me.

  3. Matt, Thanks for the mention of our little Motel. It was a pleasure having you here. We are hoping you stop back by, on your return trip. Until then, stay warm and dry...
    Bill, Two Rivers Inn

  4. I heard your interview on 97X. That's how I found out about you and your cause. Good luck and be safe.

  5. WOW! Hi Matt.... it was such an honor to meet you that day on 41 in Dunnellon, FL! I pulled over with the silver JEEP. looking forward to following you on the rest of your travels & def seeing you when you pass back through town!! Be sure to meet up & have lunch, keep us posted. God Bless you in your travels!!