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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

19JAN-north tampa

So I made 14 ish miles today which isn't to bad for a half day of walking. Tomorrow I'm looking for a full twenty. I should be in the area of the Pilot County Airport if I hit my mark. That will take me through Land O Lakes.
I'm in my tent and on my sleeping bag which I am grateful to have right about now. On the way down Dale Mabry I stopped at a Bank of America to activate my debit card and a woman stopped me and asked me what I was doing. I went on to explain about the Trek and the proceedings earlier at SOWF. She then gave 20 dollars to me which she deposited in my account. Thank you ma'am.

Raque, my sons wonderful mother, tracked me down a little bit ago and brought me food and a final visit with Ben. That was double enjoyment.
I am tired from pressing hard earlier. I actually dumped 15+ pounds from my ruck earlier today . I mailed 10 to GA and gave Raquel and 5-7 to mail off as well. I can certainly tell the difference in every pound.

I met a sweet young woman at the UPS store that helped me mail my packages. Thank you Fiona.

Ok I am beat... I'm going to bed.... Until tomm....

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  1. That was awesome of Raquel! Glad you are tucked in for the night. Praying for your body to get some restorative sleep and that you'll have great energy for tomorrow.