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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I made it to Ga today!!!

So last blog I left you with I was staying in White Springs Fl. I didn't tell you about my motel room though. So after I paid the owner for the room, it was apparent that they did not have a ready room. It looked as though there around 10 rooms open at this place yet the owner and another man were severely perplexed as to which room they could put me in for the night. I sat on the curb and waited forthem to sort out the situation. Finally, room 10 it is. So I go to the unlocked door of 10 and go inside. I see 2 beds, a full size fridge from 1988 behind the door, restaurant style linoleum vinyl floor, dark wood paneling and a 1990 zenith TV in the corner. So I go to the bathroom and flip the light on and a few roaches run from the light. The shower only has a working hot side knob.. The cold didn't exist but lucky for me the water didn't get hot enough to burn me. No shower curtain so the water went everywhere. The fan in the room was drooping and dusty and the ac unit was not the right size foe the hole in the wall so I could see the outside around the edge. I felt like a murder flick was just waiting to be made and I was gonna be the star. But, all in all, I'd stay there again. It served my purpose quite well actually. So that's that. I ended up walking around town and taking pics of some old houses with great architecture. I posted them to the T4H Facebook page. So from White Springs to Jasper...on this leg of the Trek there wasn't much to experience. As I was getting closer to Jasper, different story. Apparently at some point I scared a motorist and they called the sheriff dept on me. Hamilton county sent a deputy out to check me out and he was very professional and quite respectful as I hoped I was to him. Deputy Burke talked to me about the mission I was on and took a card from me and said he would help pass the word. This was the first of several instances with the Hamilton County Deputies. So I walked on and met Mary Ann Hughes. Now, Mary Ann was an experience all by herself. This lady was driving a bright red Jeep Cherokee and let me say that her personality and spirit outshone even that vehicle. She pulled off the road and asked me if I needed a ride. Of course I said no but I gave her a card and explained my mission to her. I can't remember if she said she heard me on the radio or not...well, she was excited to meet me and this wasn't just an excitement like you found 2 dollars in your pants pocket. No. This was a jump out the car and do a dance kinda excitement. So, she leaves. She leaves and says she is gonna go check out the websites. I left it at that pretty much. I kept walking. A bit later another deputy from Hamilton County pulls up beside me and asks me what I'm doing. So I explain. He gives me his last pack of gummy fruit snacks and a donation to the cause and tells me to remain aware on the roads as they are dangerous at tomes especially with the high traffic from big rig log trucks and dump trucks. I say thank you and promise to be safe and he moves and so do I. A little while later guess who I see? That's right. I see a bright red Jeep coming my way and right behind her Jeep... Deputy Griffin! Deputy Griffin hands me a pile of granola bars and says "Be safe and enjoy" and then drives off to continue his mission. Then Mary Ann comes up more excited than before. She gives me a donation and tells me how she checked out the blog and facebook and told a couple hundred friends and how her moms wanted to buy me dinner and that her and her momma own M and H Transport and they transport patients back and forth Anne ... Whew.. That woman can talk 100 miles an hour! Well, about this time she had coaxed me into riding down to Rickys BBQ in Jennings and she bought me what musta been 10 pounds of BBQ. It was like a lead weight in my hand the plate was. Well we went back to her place and she introduced me to her mom and friends and she gave me some of her mommas sweet tea which was awesome. Eventually after I finished eating she took me to a store and bout me some drinks and then put me out on the road where she found me. Let me say that I have met many generous ppl but none so absolutely excited to do for someone else. She truly was overjoyed and she truly touched me. Thank you Mary Ann. After that I walked on into town and met several other people at a gas station. One was Chauncey. I passed out a few cards in the gas station and he took one a gave me a few dollars as I was making my way to the door. He found me a short time later walking and gave me another donation. We talked for a minute and both of us wished each other well. I spotted a Bank Of America and was making my way over to deposit the donations when a you g lady stopped me and said she was being obedient to God by giving me a donation. She was halfway out of town and felt as though she was supposed to come back and find me which she did. She said times were rough but God provides and her car payment was late but it was more important to obey God. Young lady I have no doubt that God will bless you for your obedience to him. Just before this a man and his wife fromthe store drove up and gave me a donation as well. They were a fine couple and seemed genuine and loving. That's about it for yesterday. Today started out great. I woke up from my slumber and went next door to Hardee where I ordered coffee and a biscuit. As I was eating a man came up and introduced himself Nd asked about my mission. I explained and he said he saw me yesterday but didn't stop to talk but wished he had. He was sitting at a table of 10 or so ppl when I came in and he invited me over to sit with them. Come to find out they were veterans themselves and were from different branches. Some of them had their wives with them Nd I ended up spending my morning there with them. They were a great group with lots of stories and life about them. I enjoyed talking with them. After Hardees came another deputy with Hamilton county. He inquired about my mission and so I explained. We talked for a bit and he offered a ride and I declined but he did give me lunch money for when I found a place. I never did get his name though but he was in a Dodge Charger. As far as Law Enforcement agencies are concerned... Hamilton County Deputies have certainly placed themselves on the map of giving. The deputies have given generously, shown respect and courtesy and have gone out of their way for me. Thank you Hamilton County Deputies. Besides this there isn't much tell. I did cross into GA today. My first state line and certainly not the last. I met up with my Aunt Karen and she took me to a Mexican restaurant and bought me dinner. I'm staying at my Gparents house in Dasher tonight and I'll head into Valdosta tomorrow. The blisters are maintaining... Not better and not worse. I'll stay in Valdosta for a week and let them heal up and move on again. Well it's Kate and I
Falling asleep o. The keyboard. Time to go to bed. Goodnight everyone. Until next time...


  1. You are doing such an amazing job of being an ambassador for the SOWF and for the veterans and their families. I hope as the word gets out that every place you go you'll have experiences like this and even better. Welcome to GA!

  2. Matt, I'm glad you made it safely to Georgia. I have been waiting for your next blog and I must say thank you for all the kind words you said about me and my family. I believe you will make to LA and back. Call us when you get close to Jasper on your return trip and Mama will have you a home cooked meal. May God keep you safe always.

  3. Yay! Welcome to GA..I hope you get the rest you need while here and look forward to you making it up to north GA where we can see you! :)