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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hangin with the boys in Cordele Ga.

I know it's been a few days since my last blog. Circumstances AKA excuses did not permit me to write before now. Here, let me explain.... I left the Dormans house and headed north. Tift county was in my sights. About a mile before the county line a young woman stopped by the name of Kala and said I met her BF Brian earlier and we spoke for a few minutes before traffic forced us to part company but she gave me some lunch money before she left me. Not five minutes later the morning show guy from WTIF in tifton, Kyle, showed up and wanted to do an interview for the radio. I of course said yes so he parked in a driveway and we spoke personally about the walk and a few details and then we recorded the interview by phone which he said they would edit and play Monday morning most likely. After that we said our goodbyes and I headed to and crossed into Tift county. Maybe 3-4 miles south of downtown Tifton my two friends Jason and JP from Valdosta surprised me onthe road and took me to lunch at La Cabana in town. We had a good meal and a few good laughs and they dropped me off where they found me. I kept on going and saw a National Guard building which I just had to stop in and hand out my cards. I spoke to a SSG for a while about all things Army and we wished each other well.
My mom happened to be in Tifton that day seeing a client and we met up so we could go tothe library and print off about 100 cheap cards since I was most nearly out. After that she took me to GNC so that I could buy glucosamime and chondroitin for my joints. Yes they do take a pounding and they hurt at night and every morning when I wake up. I have put a few miles on them already... More still to come. So she dropped me off where she found me and I was able to make a connection with a friend I didn't know was in the area till earlier thatday. Will and his GF Devin live in Tifton and put me up for the night and cooked porkchops for dinner and cooked breakfast but the kicker..... The French Press. We had coffee out of Will's French press and it was good! Anyways, I left their place that morning and headed north again. I passed thru Chula and appearantly once a month they have an auction for farm equipment... I passed through on that day and I thought the fair was in town. Now I know where all the 4door 4x4 diesel trucks with 36" or taller tires go. On the north side of Chula I heard alot of gunfire. As I walked past the woods on the side of the road I looked left to see a pond with a tiki hut and several ppl out on the dock shooting a few rifles. We all waved at each other and the owner ,Chris, hailed me down. I met him at the front gate and we talked about the walk and patriotism and then he gave me a few dollars and invited me in to com sit on the dock with his friends andfanily. I went in and met everyone. Chris owns a sign business named TyTy Signs. Seems he can do whatever you wanna do with a sign and then some. Before I left his wife made me two sandwiches for the road. I thanked them all for the good time and moves on. I headed to Ashburn and arrived at. Ight. I found a wooded area to pitch the tent and I bundled up for the cold night. It was cold. I did not enjoy it. I got up this morning and headed to Cordele. It was a very uneventful day. Alot of walking and little interaction. Probably cuz it's Sunday. So I made it to the south of Cordele and my good friend from Valdosta who lives in Corsele came and picked me and took me to his house for the night. Barrett and Tucker are roomies and I have known them for many years now. I was roomies with Tuckers older brother Tanner years ago in Valdosta. Barrette GF Lindsey is down here from Cummings GA for the weekend. It was good getting to see them all again.
My ankle is still sore but much more useable now compares to 3 daysago. It should be good in a day or two I think.
Ok it's bedtime.... I'm checking out. Until next time...

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  1. Ah, yes. French Press coffee will spoil you in a hurry. Nothing else quite like it.