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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Griffin Ga.... Tired.

So I do realize it's been a few days since my last update... I am scolded from time to time on the gaps in my blogs but try to remember that I find myself in areas where the service is not so great. In Barnesville today I found myself without any service at all which can make it difficult to even text.
Well, it has been a long day. So many details over the past couple days. I'm tired right now do I doubt this will be one of my better blogs... I'll touch the high points.
Forsyth- Met Greg Head and his family. They found me in downtown Forsyth and took meto lunch at DQ. After lunch they took me back to their place where we ended up shooting his SKS. I went with Greg and fam to their church thT night and met many great ppl and also agreed to meet with te owner of te local paper who also went to the church. After church they put me up in their RV forthe night an then fed me a huge breakfast the next morn and Greg bouht me some much needed supplies. The Head family was definitely a Godsend and I am grateful for everything they did for me.
Barnesville- Arrived in town late in the day. Walked around and took picture for a bit an then started on my way out of town. Passes by a soup kitchen run by Ken Page. I was brought inside and introduced to everyone. Jenny owns Rumble Seat Bed and Breakfast in town and agreed to put me up forthe night. Ken dropped me off so I could get some sleep. This morning I went with Ken to te soup kitchen which is really his ministry called Impact Ministries. I gave a small motivational message and then met Gene who is the Co Chairman of the ministry. We all rode over to Thomaston where I did a radio interview. We drove back to Barnesville and ate at a local buffet where I met with the Lamar Co Sheriff. Sheriff Waller talked with us for a while and we wet outside where they bid me farewell. About this time my friend Mark called. He was driving thru Barnesville and wanted to see me in action. We talkedfor a while and we parted. Itwas about 2:30 in the afternoon at this point. I still needed to make it to griffin for Tonights goal. I humped it. I made it to my hotel just past 9:30 tonight. I even jogged a small portion of the mileage. Yes. I Forrest Gumped it. Anyways, Gene bought me a place at the hotel for the night and I am grateful for him and for the room. Both he and Ken have been awesome the past two days.
I don't know where I will make it to tomorrow. Checkout isn't until 11..... I may sleep in till 8...

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