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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

In the woods between Lovebutnojoy and Jonseys....

I am in my trusty tent once again deep in the woods of Georgia. The wildlife is rushing by at a mere 60 mph not more than 40 feet away. I don't have an electrical outlet tonight but I have a fair amount of battery power between all my sources so I will update you all on today.
Yesterdays blog was not as eloquent as usual I know and I hope you all can look past those days when I am physically and mentally drained to the point of producing a less than stellar piece.
Today wasa good day overall. I left the hotel room that Gene bought for me having had a good rest though my feet were noticeably sore. I did walk about twenty miles in 7 hrs yesterday which may not sound that fast but please remember my 50-60 lb pack on my back and that i was traveling at an almost nonstop pace. it's nice to be near a big city... So many stores and eateries every mile or so which is very different from the periodic store sighting in the country.
I met the father of a Marine CPL today. He was an airforce vet himself with a second son having joined the navy. The Cpl was wounded in Afghanistan and is paralyzed from the waist down. He ended up having a one year stay in the Hospital before returning to his home recently. His father was a man small in stature yet as he spoke of his sons he grew to be a man of enormous proportions. He was very proud of his sons and at the same time you could see the sadness in his eyes for his injured child. I offer thanks to you CPL for giving your body for all of us.
Crystal found me walking today. She worked in Afghanistan as a contractor and her husband is in the military. She jumped out and grabbed a pic as soon as I told her what was going on. She said she was gonna post it on FB which she did and work towards getting donations forthe cause. I love it!
Three gentlemen from Griffin motor Cpany stopped me as I was walking by today. They stopped me to find out why I was walking an I of course gave them the story. I gave them one card and explained I was running low on cards and the owner Jon Mattox told me to come inside and make more on his copier which I did. Joe Strickland the sales Manager helped me cut them out after they printed and Kelvin Hopper the Service Manager caught me outside as I was leaving to offer me a donation from his pocket. Right before I left they said a prayer over me a set me on with many well wishes.
I passed Atlanta Motor Speedway today but didn't really see to much of it. It was a bit far off. I grabbed a pic of the sign out front an posted it to FB.
Several people have stopped today periodically to check me out an offer rides. I politely refuse and then tell my cause while giving out a card or two. It's great to meet so many caring people.
I met Joel today. A specialist inthe National Guard. He passed me an turned around to check on me and so I gave the card and the story. He shook my hand and said he was going to follow the trek. He said he had just got back from overseas and I believe it. His boots were worn out and his uniform disheveled not out of disrespect but from the wear and tear that mine endured while I was deployed. I looked the same way when I came back.

Well, I'm sleepy and horny so I'm gonna eat and call it a night. Atlanta is right around the corner and I'll be taking a two day break at the parents place.
All right kiddie.... Goodnight.
Until next time...


  1. Oh, my! LOL...Gotta love those phones! Typical man!

  2. No worries on the typo! I think the right people will know what you are talking about. Satan has a way turning good things into bad. Much Love and God Bless YOU!