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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lenox GA

Ok. Last night was the worst night I have had yet. I made it to Cecil Ga about 4:30 and decided that I should camp there for the night based on mileage for the next day. I found a wooded spot on the north end of town near the railroad tracks. I had no idea that after dark the trains ride that track every two hours.... I dis not sleep well last night. It was raining all last night as well. So,I'm up most of the night due to trains and now I have to start walking tired and with no coffee. To make matters worse it's cold and my pants are wet from rolling up the tent an stowing my gear.... Not happy at this point and worse still the blows dead in my face for nearly two hours straight. You can imagine my joyful attitude and the sweet words of love and endearment I placed upon the world this morning.... I really had to say a prayer of forgiveness after my attitude this morning. I ended up waiting about 2 good hours to say that prayer.. Somehow I thought complaining would change my situation. Anyways, as soon as I accept the weather and my situation and pray... It magically changes. A man buys me food at the Smokehouse BBQ place in Adel. Great food and awesome ppl work there and come to find out, the owner is a marine. Well, former marine but any marine will tell ya "Omce a Marine always a Marine!" I ended up passing out a few cards an one guy that was there promised a significant donation if I came to see him on the return trip. I may just swing thru. After my lunch I moved on thru town and met several ppl and passed out several cards. As I was leaving a man at a bait shop yelled at me to come get a drink out of his store. I went in and grab a few goodies and started talking to the guy and found out he was a military man as well. We talked for a bit about different things and then in walks a cook county deputy and he joins on the conversation and come to find out... Yep, former military as well. I wanna say that he was Navy. Well, the store owner ended up giving a significant donation to me and the cause. That really brought my spirits up from the doldrums I was in this morning. I left a little while later and a man that had spoken to me earlier that day found me again and gave me a significant contribution to both the foundation and myself which matched the previous donation by the store owner. Can you say excited?! This guy was a Valdosta Fireman and really a good guy, a genuine guy. We had talked for a while earlier that Fay about many different things in life.
I ended up making it to Lenox ga tonight but that's as far as I made it. I rolled my right ankle twice yesterday to go along with everything else wonderful and it really started hurting me this afternoon. I'm pretty sure it's a mild sprain and I'm gonna give it the night and see how it feels in the morning. I'm praying forthe best. There is a Wonderful couple north of Lenox that offered me a room for te night. They are friends of my moms friend and contacted me thru a chain of people that all know each other it seems. Facebook saves the day again haha or at least helps the day thts for sure. After last night I didn't wanna see my tent at all tonight. So I'm here in the extra bedroom all warm and safe. No trains nextto me. I'll sleep well tonight.
Tommy, the husband, is a master woodcarver it seems. He has a number of wood carvings that will take your breath away and some have won awards as well. He really is gifted. Wilda, the wife, is a sweet spirit and very much a wonderful host. I sat with them awhile after dinner and talked with them about the Trek and several things in thier lives. This has turned out to be a good day afterall. I wouldn't have it would be so good this morning.
My hosts have guaranteed me coffee and breakfast in the morning so I dare say that tomorrow will at the least start of better than today!
Goodnight "Trekkies"!!! Until next time...


  1. Do you have an arnica? It's great for muscles sprains, etc. So glad for the Dormans hospitality tonight. Warm and dry. Thankful for the all you are learning and the wonderful people that keep being put in your path.

  2. So glad your day ended better then it started.

  3. Hi Matt,
    Congratulations to you for your accomplishments thus far, and thank you for your service to this great nation and this project that you are trying to help. I also want to thank you for taking the time to speak with my son (the Valdosta fireman) you touched his life; he spoke very highly of you and the mission you are on. We wish you well and know that if you would like to stop by this area on your return or if we can do anything to assist dont hesitate to contact us... May the Lord bless you and keep you safe... thanks Marsha