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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

T4H is Charlie Mike at this time.

Charlie Mike is military lingo for "continuing mission" which is something my unit said alot when we were out on a mission. So, yes, Trek for Hope is continuing it's mission of spreading awareness and raising funds for SOWF. All you "Trekkies" are part of that mission as well. (thanks Linda, sorry Star Trek)
Today was a relatively easy day. I walked around 16 miles and ended up finding a spot on the north side of Cecil. My plan is to walk about 16 miles again tomorrow and end up outside Lenox. Tomorrow will take me thru Adel and then Sparks followed by Lenox.
I did receive a few donations today. Some for me and some for the foundation. Early this morning I stopped by Daylight Donuts and ordered a coffee with a shot of espresso. I believe the man that took my order was the owner. He ended up giving me my beverage for free which was a nice surprise but even better was a gesture of generosity I caught by him miners earlier. A family were in front of me placing thier order to him. He was working on filling that order and one of the items was this pig-n-a-blanket breakfast sausage. They ordered six of them and when he was filling the bag he realized he had a few extra ones in the display case... He had almost closes the door but then reached back in a gave them the rest. He thought no one saw him haha but I did. Anyways, I saw all that to say thy the man is genuine in his giving. He has a good heart for sure. Several other people stopped me to inquire about my cause and here and there I would pick up a few donations... A dollar or two.. Five bucks maybe... That's ok with me. Every dollar counts towards the bigger picture and it's fun to watch the number on the donations page grow little by little. I did a phone interview with Teresa from the Thomasville Times today. I enjoyed our conversation and her south Georgia accent was sweet to the ear. The story will hopefully make into tomorrows paper or maybe by the next days.
That's about all for today. I am looking forward totomorrow.... Hoping for big things! Until next time...

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