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Saturday, February 26, 2011

At the parents house in Atl.

As I am writing this installment it is currently 1030 on 26FEB. I am on dad's laptop so I dare my phone to autocorrect this! Read the previous posts if you want to know why I am saying this.
I will write this kinda in reverse order..... starting with now and going back in time.
I woke up this morning feeling good. My knees were a little stiff and my feet a bit sore but, that's to be expected. Since I have started this Trek over a month ago now, that seems to be the morning situation.... everything is stiff.... stretch, bend, move and loosen the body for an hour to get moving. Once the temperature warms up and I am in the mid-west, I plan on cutting more weight from my pack specifically my sleeping bag which is about 8-9 total pounds. It is the layered military version and is surprisingly heavy. I will opt for a sleep mat and blanket for the warmer climates. Doing so will allow me to carry more water which will be neccessary once I reach Texas, Arizona, New Mexico etc. There are longer distances between towns and it will be very warm during the mid day. I have even considered sleeping thru the day and walking very early in the morning and late in the evening just so I can miss the noon heat. More on this later in the Trek.

Yesterday morning I went to 104.7 The Fish which is the christian radio station here in Atlanta. I went on the air live with the morning show crew Kevin and Taylor in the morning. They were great to work with and very encouraging. We took 2 pics which you can see on their FB page and also on the T4H FB page. The station was up on the 7th floor of the Buckhead Centre building here in the Buckhead section of Atlanta so in the middle of talking I grabbed a quick look around and it was gorgeous from up there. Kevin and Taylor spoke with me in between songs and we had a fun time in the studio and mom even called in to say a few words as well. I was told that they would edit the interview of the songs and make it one uniterrupted piece and it will be emailed to me so we can put it up on the FB page for everyone to listen to. The station also gave me tickets to the Atlanta Thrashers hockey game against the Florida Panthers last night at Philips Arena. Dad, me and one of my sisters went..... I tried to find a 4th since I had four tix but it was kinda last minute. The game was awesome and it was really an experience to be in the arena and "feel" the game. The lights, sounds and vibrations..... you miss so much by watching it on TV.
Lets see... thursday night I rolled into Atlanta. I made it to around the I-20 area at 10pm and called dad for a ride. I will follow the I-20 corridor west to L.A. so I made it to my marker. Dad found me and bought me a meal from Steak N Shake and brought me to the house. I certainly slept good that night.
Thursday morning 2 gentlemen found my campsite in the woods and stopped by with supplies for the trip. Kevin rode up on his bike and gave me food and water and said many kind things. Clyde gave me food and a few objects to make the trip easier. Its always a treat for me when ppl find me on the road.
I also met the Firefighters of station 9 in Clayton Co. They saw me walking along the road and stopped right in the middle of it to ask me my story. Big firetruck on a 2 lane road.....lights on....talking to me. Well, they offered me a cold drink at the station which was 20 feet up the sidewalk so I said yes. They have a great place which is nearly brand new.. well it certainly felt new. We all sat around the dinner table and told stories for an hour or so and then I had to leave. It was a much needed break and Im glad it was spent with them.
All throughout the day I met many people and passed out many cards. Even the Forest Park police stopped me to check on me and I passed out my card to them and told them my story. Thursday was a good day for sure and Friday certainly followed suit.
My plan now is to wait here till monday morning and then head west to Alabama.... Brmingham is the next big city. Make sure you stay tuned for all the big adventures coming our way. Dont forget to tell your friends and family about the Trek. Awareness is half the mission here so spread the word.
Hoping everyone has a good Saturday and a great weekend. Until next time....


  1. Following your post and journey! I am passing it along to my family in Houston to help raise awareness for when you reach that area! God Bless you.

  2. Sounds like a well needed R&R. You'll be well rested and not as horny as you were...I mean hungry! (Sorry Matt, That's just so funny!)