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Monday, February 14, 2011

OK OK, here is the real blog for tonight. I'm still in a cotton field.

So really, it was uneventful all the way to Vienna today. I took it easy and didn't push myself to hard. Once I arrived in the city I quickly found out that there were way more banks than places to eat. I found a Piggly Wiggly on the north side of town and went in to buy a late lunch. I shopped for a few minutes and was stopped by a male employee that was curious about what I was doing. We talked for a bit about the Trek and he made many heartfelt comments about our troops. He went on to say that my groceries were on him and to get what I needed. I did just that. I grabbed lunch and several boxes of granola bars and went to the cashier where he paid just as he said. I had spoken to the cashier just as walked in earlier. Her som is in the Navy and she told me about family day and touring a submarine. Well as I finished checking out she stopped me and gave a little donation to the cause and to my next meal. Seems to me I found a proud Navy mom and a patriotic man inside Piggly Wiggly. I went outside and across the street to eat in the shade. After some time I got up and headed towards Pinehurst. The walk towards Pinehurst was again uneventful except for one thing. Middlebrook. Vietnam Army vet Middlebrook stopped to say hello and wish me well. He was an older black man with a slightly stooped posture but he had a twinkle in his eye that said he had been places and seen things I would never know. He had a hat with a Combat Infantry Badge emblem. He was an infantryman in the war and had spent time with 25th I.D. We talked about politics and war and troops Nd then we wished each other well on our paths in life. The greatest part about our meeting was when we first walked up to each other. We hugged. It was if two worlds collided. Not black and white but then and now. His war and my war were so very different. I was called a hero when I returned from my war but he was hated. Spit on. What a change in our attitude as a country and I am thankful for it.

Well here I am in my tent in a cotton field. This is it for tonight. Happy Valentines day to those that have someone. If you don't have anyone then Happy Singles Awareness Day to you. Until next time...


  1. Wish you had gotten a pic of Middlebrook. I hope he was as blessed by your meeting as you were. See? That was still quite an eventful day!

  2. Love it! So, yes, I read your blog! :o)

  3. good to hear from you Matt! glad to hear you received some kindness on your travels! Hats off & a thank you to Middlebrook, amazing! God be with you!

  4. Indeed! Happy Singles Awareness Day. Lol. That saddens me. Good thing a majority of people appreciate troops now-a-days. However, most fail to understand that a soldier only does what he is ordered to. If they should dislike anyone, it would be those in Politics. Sure they can say; 'Well, they chose to be in the military' but guess what. If not you, then who? It's like saying; 'Don't shoot the messenger' type deal. Hopefully the week will be great for you! Stay warm and/or cool. Depending what Mother Nature decides to bring! Safe travels buddy! =]