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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Back in my tent south of Forsyth Ga

I have had a good run with housing the past 4 days but tonight I find myself back in my tent and to be honest, I kinda missed her. While the amenities of a house are wonderful and of course necessary, I have found the freedom and independence of the tent to be equally exciting. No worries, if I am offered a roof, bed and food for the night I won't be turning it down just to stay in my tent.
Well after leaving my cousins an her husbands house in centerville I walked to Macon which is where I stayed last night. When I was on the south end of Macon I met a woman whose son had served and was killed in Iraq. His name was Jason and he was Airforce and apparently he was part of a special ops group. I didn't quite catch whether he was an operator or with the support units but really, does it matter? He was killed on 23 June 2007. thank you Jason for giving your all for all of us.
Once I made it into Macon my friend Jenna picked me up and carried me to her apartment for the night. I slept on the couch which was so comfortable I didn't get up till 1030! So I slept in on a sat in honor of the weekend. I found a few things in the pantry and fixed us pancakes and grits for brunch which were not that great to me but she said they were good so... I guess they were good. I left her place around 1200 and Jenna walked with me about a mile down the road tothe Kroger store so I could load up on supplies. After I checked out she walked with me to the street corner and we said our goodbyes. I headed north...
The walk to Boilingbroke was peaceful with limited interruption. I spoke with Michael while I was taking a break on the side of the road. He stopped to inquire about my situation and I told him my mission and gave him a card. We shook hands and he went on.
Once I arrived in Boilingbroke I found a great place to eat. The name is Twila Fayes Tea Room and it was delightful. I posted a pic of the interior on the facebook page. It was very much antiquated in appearance and had several pieces of memorabilia from several wars. A husband and wife owned the place and had forthe past ten years. The husband was. Former Army Captain and veteran of Vietnam. I enjoyed talkin politics with him as our views lined up. I also found him to be a strong Christian man and we quickly became kindred spirits if you will. I was treated to a meal of chicken salad sandwiches and I was given a second sandwich for theroad. It was a great meal and a great atmosphere. To bad I won't see many of these places again during the return trip. I won't be this far north when I head back to Tampa.
So like I said I'm in my tent and ready for bed. I'm getting up early tomorrow to make up some miles from today and I need my Sleep so this is it. Goodnight everyone.... Until next time...

PS... As I was leaving Boilingbroke I passed a gas station where a man an his son were fueling up their truck. The son asked me what I was doing and so I told him and his father. The dad came over and took my card and shook my hand and then gave me a few encouraging words along with a few dollars. I thanked them and kept walking only to have them fond a little ways down the road and hand me a Gatorade. His son wanted to get one for me and I thought it was a great gesture of compassion and kindness from a young man. Ok, now I'm done.


  1. Your story telling abilities seem to be growing with each blog entry. Really enjoying your blogs. Keep up the great work!

  2. I'm loving it too. Can't wait for each new installment! You're making the Trek very real for us all and we are living it vicariously through you.

  3. I have to agree. Your story telling is getting better and the composition on your images is getting better as well. I see a book from this trek at the end. Just say'in.;)