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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Stayin' under the Bridges...

Last night I stayed with Clyde and Mary Layman. They heard about the Trek through friends who follow the progress. Apparently they heard about me staying in a cotton field the previous night and wanted to make sure I had a warm bed last night. Mary has a son Alex. Alex and Clyde were out logging a few trees that day and on the way home Mary called them and told them to be on the lookout for a soldier walking on 41 and if they saw me to pick me up. Alex and Clyde found me on 41 and did just that. They brought me to the house and fed me hamburgers and gave me a hot shower and a bed far from the cold ground in that cotton field. Alex is a master guitar player and has played with Blues Traveler in the past so once he found out I played, we had a quick jam session. Later that night Alex lent me his laptop so I could watch the movie Faster which is The Rock's new movie. This morning I said my goodbyes to Mary. Alex and Clyde took me to breakfast and then we stopped in the Trico Cotton Gin on the north side of town to see some of their friends and to let me explain my Trek. After, they bid me farewell in front of the cotton gin and I headed north once again. I walked to the Henderson Village which is a resort at the corner of 41 and SR 26. I stopped in and inquired about the resort and went arounf the property taking pictures which I posted on FB. The resort has fine dining and 20 plus guest rooms. It has original slave houses on the property as well. A german business man owns the resort. This idea started back when the American soldiers came to his town during the war and he would watch American movies with large white houses and nice people. He built his resort around those movies images he had seen as a boy. I found it to be relaxing and beautiful. It might be worth checking out in the future.
I met an Airforce Vet today in Perry. His name is Jordan and he was a younger man. He served in Afghanistan for a period of time and has since seved his active duty time and moved on. He called me over from across the road and asked me "Whats the deal?" I told him quickly about the Trek and tghe Foundation. He was visually moved by the idea of the Trek and dug out a donation both for the cause and for my needs on the walk. He said I inspired him, I hope he will help spread the word. I think he will. I gave him a handful of cards and he seemed happy to help.
Previous to meeting Jordan, I saw the KTM motocross team's tractor and trailer by 41. I walked up and met Donnie. He was a little curious about me at first but quickly warmed up to the idea of what I was doing and became appreciative. He told me about the team and its riders and how they were at a track test driving the new bikes for the season. He gave me a tour of the rig and let me take pictures of everything. As I was leaving he gave me a couple hats for the trip. It was a really cool experience.
As I was leaving the north side of Perry around 5pm tonight, a woman stopped me and asked me what I was doing. Her name was T.J. and she lived about a mile away from where I was and once she learned what I was doing and that I needed a place to sleep tonight she quickly offered her house. I ended up walking the 1.3 miles to her and her husband Rodney's beautiful house. The subdivision where they live has a large amount of military families living here. I enjoyed a wonderful meal of homemade burritos and sweet tea. I met neighbors and some of the local kids and ended up playing basket ball with about 15 of them. Its been a good day today and I believe tomorrow will be equally as good.
I am about 9.5 miles from my next stop so it will be an easy walk tomorrow. I am looking forward to the pressure free walk of tomorrow.... knowing that I have less than 10 miles to cover and all day to walk that length. Im going to call it a night. Until next time...

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  1. Enjoy the gorgeous weather and sunshine. Glad your walk today is shorter. Say hello to Laura and Jarod from Aunt Brenda tonight and don't forget to blog for your "Trekkie"