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Monday, February 28, 2011

Looking to the west...

Tomorrow is the day. The Trek carries from Atlanta and we head west. No more guaranteed stopping points and the farther west I go beyond the mighty Mississippi river the more barren the land will become... Or so it would seem based upon pictures. I'm looking forward to it.
So I will leave the parents house in the morning and walk down to US 78 and take it west towards Birmingham Alabama. Anyone have friends or family in Birmingham?

Mom and I drove back to Atlanta today. I really haven't done much at all the past few days since I arrived here and I notice that I am not as sore this morning. Normally when I wake up every morning it takes a little bit in order for me to function fully.
Well, there really isn't much else to say atthis point except follow the Trek as always and anticipate great things. I did start a causes page for Trek For Hope on FB so check that out.

Have a good night and I will get with you tomorrow night. Check out YouTube for video updates as well under TrekForHope2011

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