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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hangin tough in EP.

Chris should be out here this weekend by Sunday at the latest. Bleakly RV in Ga donated an RV air conditioning unit and also installed it in the roof of the humvee for free! Through my aunt and mom we were also able to locate and secure the generator that we need to power said AC as well as provide the power to electrical outlets so we can charge our phones and laptops.
Soldiers Angels has been a big help to me while in EP. I have received many calls from them offering their support and assistance and even had one young lady drop me off some groceries.
A Master Sgt here at Ft Bliss is going to put me up in his house until Chris gets here which will be great. IT will help to save money and we can put that to fuel and other needs.
Ill give you an update once Chris gets here and let you know the game plan.


  1. Keep hanging for just a bit longer. Help is on the way!

  2. Matt, my husband and I are still rooting for you and I posted this blog on my friends pages so they can read the story, especially the ones that follow Hike for Heroes. I want you to know that I did not like them from the beginning and deleted them shortly after befriending them, they seemed shady,and this is way before all this came out through you,,,,it even made me be a little doubtful about you but I knew better in my heart and thats why I kept following you.. I knew you would come through,, I know you dont have the internet time that we have, so you were not able to look at them like we did,,,so, you still have our numbers, please let us know if you need anything! stefanie and clifton (Eurocopter)