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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Another day done. I'm west of Trent TX.

Today was mostly uneventful. I left the hotel room on Dyess AFB and proceeded to make my way off post. I met 6-7 different people as I was attempting to leave and ibwas able to give them all a card and explain what it is I'm doing and why.
GPS was leading me out a certain gate on base and it would have been the best one to leave out of since it was on the west side of base but as I approached it I quickly realized it was locked up tight and not open for passage. I ended up having to walk back across to the east side of base to the main gate and finally made my way outside. As I was leaving a photog from the Abilene Reporter found me. We had been in communications since the previous evening so we linked up outwitting gate and he grabbed a few pics and left.
I made my way down the frontage road next to I-20 for most of the day without much to do but walk.
Several times today I had several veterans and people stop to offer me lunch money, food and water which was certainly uplifting.
Now, I'm in my tent and thinking about tomorrow. I'll make my way into sweetwater tomorrow and possibly past for another tent night. There are several hotels there but I just don't wanna spend the money.... Is that wrong attitude to take? Well, well see tomorrow when I pass one!
So, that's all for tonight. Goodnight and don't forget your pushups!!!

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  1. Dang it Matt, I missed you at Dyess AFB! I was hoping to meet up and offer a chat and other support. What you're doing is grand, and all of us in West Texas wish you the very best!
    CMSgt Ernie Wiatrek, USAF, ret