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Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th!!! At Dyess AFB.

So it's Friday the 13th. The past few days have been fun and I've met great people and seen many great things. At least to me. Today I left the Carters an moved on through Abilene. Garland and Beverly Carters son I friends with Cole and and a few of the others I've met along the way here in Texas. They put me up last night in their beautiful home and made me feel very welcome. I was able to eat at this great BBQ place near tier house and it was delicious. I also went with Garland out to their country acreage where they have several cows. One had given birth and was paralyzed in the back legs from trauma at birth.
So this morning garland dropped me off where they found me and I walked into downtown Abilene to find the post office. I found it an picked up my latest package from Magnum Boots USA. More boots, a cool watch and a nice button up shirt for the hot times. If you haven't done so, shoot over to their website and check them out. They are big supporters of our troops and of course me :)
After the PO I happened upon the 12th Armored Division museum and met Bill the curator. Bill gave me fascinating info on the history of the 12th and pointed out many great areas of the museum to me.
After that I made my way outside of town to an Arby's and ate. I met a WW2 army vet by the name of Elbert Simmons who was a Staff Sgt. I took a pic and hook his had an told him thanks for his service. We spoke for a While and I spoke with the lady he was with and then they left.
After, I made my wayto Dyess AFB and walked around the Base Exchange here and picked up a few items. I also hit the gym for a bit and realized just how weak and slow I am now. Almost 4 months without workin out will do it to you.
A few dys ago before I arrived in Abilene I was about an hour or donated from a town named Baird. The rain hit me. It was hard and cold and coming down sideways. It hammered me for the longest and ibwas struggling with me and the buggy. The wind was so strong that at one point I was leaning against the side of the cart to keep it upright while also sideways walking down the road. To make matters worse, I ran out of frontage road an had to traverse a section along I-20 that was steep and rocky and then changed into mud. If I wasn't so wet and the rain coming down so hard I would have taken a video of my pathetic self at the moment.
Well, here I am. In a hotel room in the Air Force Inn. I'm headed out in the morn and I'll keep going west. Have a great night.


  1. Thanks for taking time to blog! Glad you are dry and protected for yet another night.

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