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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Just west of Putnam Tx.

The past several days have been fun to say the least. After I left Brock I saw lane Davis from Dallas again. He drove up with his friend Cole so that we could be introduced. Cole is a ranch manager for Craig James. Craig is an ESPN commentator and owns Magic Valley Ranch in Santo. This ranch is 3300 acres of awesomeness. It's also for sale if you have a mere 35million to spend. I ended up staying at te ranch with Cole and his wife Holly who is pregnant with their first child. This past Saturday cole and I spent the first half of the morning getting self repairing tubes for my buggy and going to local gun shops to ooh and ahh over some of the firearms. We also wet to Natty Flats for lunch which has the Guiness Books largest rocking chair in the world. That afternoon we went down to the river and shot off a few rounds in some pistols and then rode around the ranch on the 4 wheelers. We happen to literally run across a rattle snake so after about 300 rounds later I cut off it's head and rattle. We were heroes. Coles wife holly has a wonderful personality and might I say an excelled chef. Since they have been married cole claims to have put on some weight and after staying there and eating her cooking I can see why.
One night at te ranch lane, cole and myself went out for a ride around the ranch after dinner. We took lanes 4x4 thane which he just bought ad started out. At one point after dark lane found a mud hole and proceeded to sink us in it. After some rocking off the vehicle from drive to reverse we got out. Once we got back to the house we all realized that the front valance with the foglights was hanging a tad bit lowerthan when we left. Lane was able to fix it that next morning before ge left.
One night issac came out with his son and his sons friend. If you remember, issac is the guy that picked me up between weatherford and ft worth in the church bus. Anyways, we all wet fishing on one of the ponds at the ranch and caught enough fish to feed everybody that night.
I'm gonna have to take a personal trip backup the ranch when I'm done wither trek. I'm sure my son would love it out tree.
The past few days have just been me walking. Nothing much going on really. I'm on the frontage road next to the I-20. Cole and I fixed up a three by five foot flag for my buggy so I'm getting a lot of waves and horn honks. I wore shorts forthe first time today. It was nice let me tell ya. The wind was strong all day an hardly let up. It rained a few drops here and there but nothing toserious.
I should be in Abilene in two days peso. Magnum Boots sent out more gear and mom mailed them to Abilene and hopefully they will be there when I get there. I love presents :)
Oh yeah... I met Danny while I was on the ranch. Danny played the young Lane Frost in the movie 8 seconds.
Well, that's about all for now. More walking tomorrow and then Abilene.
There are now over 2000 followers on FB and I thank everyone of them and you that reads this blog for your continued support. You all mean alot to me and I just wanna say thank you.


  1. I know the heat isn't making the walking any easier, but you have so many people that now love you as much as we do, and are pushing you from behind. Stay safe, enjoy the "ride" of your life. Keep on trekkin".

  2. I'm glad you decided to keep on posting so we can keep up with you. I've been following you since Brooksville Florida. Because of your blog posts I was able to forward your info to my F.B. friend Henry when you were in Ruston, Louisiana. So, in a nut shell we read all about your adventures. Thank you and keep on keep'in on brother. I hope to catch you on your way back through Brooksville on the return trip.

  3. Thanks for the shout out! Cole is working on Abilene connections so I'm sure he'll text you as soon as he hears back. Be safe!