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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Back in the tent... Brock Tx.

Ok, the next day I made it into Ft Worth. For the most part te trip into town was uneventful. Just alot of walking... Go figure. I got into town kinda late in the evening although the sun was still up decently. I walked around down town FW for a while. I enjoyed seeing a few sights and taking in the experience. I found a great sushi place called Pirahna and stopped in for a bite to eat. The young girl at the front counter and I fought with a few of the extra chairs near by in order to caddy corner my cart inthe lobby. So we eventually packed it in and I made my way to the barstool seatin area by the chefs. I enjoyed the atmosphere of the dining room.. It was fun and colorful but tastefully so. The waitstaff were all pleasant and attentive. The sushi rivals any of the nicer places I've been to in Tampa. While I was eating a gentleman that had been eating behind me with his wife came up and handed me some money and said dinner was on him. Took me by surprise because it seemed to come out of the blue. As I was finishing my meal another man came by as he headed to the exit and threw some money on the counter near me and said "thank you for your service" and walked out. well, I paid my bill and headed back out into the streets of FW. I Called Ann. Ann ha been following me on FB for some time now and had offered me a place once I got into FW. Since I was in FW and done exploring for the night I called her for a ride. She and her husband Joe came and picked me up and then took me to their place for the evening. They have 2 Australian Shepherd dogs that love to play fetch. I went outside with the two dogs and threw a tennis ball for them for what seemed like an hour. Those two dogs just kept running after it. So, Joe and ann had a great place and I slept well. In the morning Ann took me back to the place she found me from and she and the two dogs both walked with me for a ways. I didn't walk to fast... For the first couple hours I stopped by the local park and took a few pics of a civil service memorial in Ft Worth an then over to the stenosis... I'm living it up at this point since I won't be able to soon.... And the GNC. After a while ann and company parted ways with me and I headed on west.
Later in the evening.... This is Saturday at this point... I get a text from issac. Issac is a connection from Lane Davis in Dallas. Issac is a young couples pastor at Willow Park Baptist in Weatherford. I call issac and he says he will put me up for the night somewhere but he isn't leaving the church for another hour and a half and oh by the way, he is taking the young couples group out to dinner, do I mind? Of course I don't mind! I'm up for anything at this point. So I walk for a while longer and make it just inside of Parker County when issac calls and says he is on the way and to look out for him. If you see a bus that's me...a bus isay? A bus he says. So I'm looking for a church bus. It's white. Well, according to the passengers ofthis bus that I ended up meeting once I get aboard...issac passed me. He called an we both determiners this as well. So he passed me ad had to turn around. Seems issac is a brave driver and doesn't mind putting his passengers lives in danger. As th passengers tell it.. Issac drives into an emergency vehicle only turnaround and hits the gas and throws dust and rocks everywhere in the air. In a church bus. Yes the church name is on the side. Lucky for them the windows are dark. So into the traffic hevshoots and apparently cuts off a truck full of mexicans. Seems they went to happy about that and tries to come around issac only to be denied as issac suddenly switches into their lane unannounced. Now Willow Park Baptist Church will be known amongst the Hispanic locals. So he makes it to me and picks me up an we head into FW to ear at Macaroni Grill. No further incidents at this time. We eat and enjoy each others company and I meet a few new friends at the dinner table. Afterwards we all go outside. I seemed to have missed out on a vital piece of information about the night. Seems there was to be a scavenger hunt after dinner. I think issac may have convenienty forgot to tell me in one of our previous conversations but at this point it doesn't matter cuz I'm with them now. So we load up and head to downtown FW... Where I was just earlier that day and set out. It's like 8 pm or so and the nightlife is out on the streets. We are in teams and we have to find these 15 or so items ranging from a broad spectrum. So, here we go... Walking the streets of FW looking for our stuff. It turns out to be a fun time and eventually we all rally at the bus. Issac sets me up at a nice hotel for the night and a wonderful couple take me over there to get in bed. The next morning issac shows up. No bus. I agreed to go to church with him so he came to scoop me up. I rode to church with out much incident although it was raining heavily on te way. The forecast was for rain for the next couple days. Well, I go to church and end up saying a little somethig at one of the Sunday school classes. Later, I'm talking with issac about plans for later... Walk or not walk... And I'm introduced to steve and Lynette. These two have a wonderful outreach called A Place For Grace. They take in babies and kids and raise them so that child services doesn't have to get involved. Basically becoming guardians so the parents can work to regain their children and the children can have stability. Right now they have 9 kids at various ages in their 4000 sqft home. it sounds big but with nine kids it sure dies get small quick.
These kids are amazing. All have different backgrounds but they're all so much fun and so loving. They are really good kids. I ended up staying at their place till this morning to wait out the storm. Good thing because we went back to church that night and it was a hailstorm. They were probably about pea to marble sized and I'm glad me and my tent didn't have to suffer through that one. So, while I'm at their place Lynette works out so that I can speak at the Weatherford Christian School. I meet the Headmaster of the school at his office so he can kinda verify me and we agree that I would speak for about 15 minutes at both thier schools. One is for 1-6 grades and the other newer bldg is for 7-12th. Alot of the kids had or have parents or relatives inthe military and they were all very much into what I had to say to them. Honestly I wasn't quite sure what to say. I tried to get broadened this life isn't or shouldn't be about selfish desires. I had several kids come up afterwards and offer up their lunch money. If that's not touching I don't know what is.
After the schools I hung around the house. This would be about Tuesday at this point.
Today is Wednesday or should I say tonight is. I walked out to Brock today. Steve dropped me off back where issac found me which was about 10 miles east of weatherford. I had to walk back to and thru weatherford. So here I am in my tent. I missed my tet a little. Mom sent me back my trusty big tent so I can have room to move and stay dry. Well that should do it for now. Long spaces of road ahead and it's gonna keep getting hotter. I wish you all a good night.

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  1. loving your cause and appreciate all you are doing for military families! We will be giving as soon as we are able and will be praying for you and military families. Don't lose heart, your words are heard and never wasted ;)