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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Camping by a creek.

Well, I woke up in the motel the next morning and packed up for the day. It was a nice room actually and very homey feeling. I was kinda sad to leave it but I had to move on. I met the manager downstairs and he poured me a huge cup of coffee to go and we talked for a bit and I was off. I headed west towards Riverside and when I got there found that te creeks around the area had flooded the surrounding area. At one spot on 78 the road was covered by several inches of water but the Alabama DOT guys were kind enough to drive me through it to the otherside. I posted plenty of pics on FB for everyone to see.
I made it to Pell City. Two ladies stopped me and asked if I was the guy on tv and I said yes so we took pics for FB an I headed downthe road. Not to much to say about P City.
I walked into Eden and found Fox's Pizza. I ended up getting there around 2 or so and hanging out. It was a great time. I was feed several times for free and everyone of the people that worked there offered some contribution to the cause. I also met several great people that were eating inside as well and I was able to share the Trek with them. During my stay at FP John found me there. A relative of his follows the trek and I was connected to John so I would have a place to stay. John and his wife and three kids were great and I really appreciate their generosity. John manages the Leeds Chic Fil A and he promised me a dinner once I got there that night. He also said he may have me a place to stay that night as well. So the next day struck out headed to Leeds. At this point I am talkin about yesterday the 12th. So I head on to Leeds and have a pretty good day. At one point the road merges into I 20 and in order for me to follow a road other than the interstate I would end up going many miles out of my way so I hit the woods next to 20 for a few miles. It was slow going since it was soggy ground and a steep incline but I made it and saved mileage and time. as I was halfway to my destination an gentleman found me and offered me a lunch. I was hungry so I said sure. He took me to the Golden Rule BBQ and fed me well. Gotta love the south and it's BBQ. He was a kind man and very supportive. I headed out again and made it to my marker. I arrived at Chic FA in the evening after dark and scarfed down my free dinner. Thanks John! I stopped to grab pics with all the employees thT I could and while I was in there I made a new friend. Ms Scarlett. She was about 5 years old and just the cutest thing ever. She made many questions for me and we talked for a while about all kinds of things. She was well spoken for a young girl.
So this brings me to Kevin. I was told that John secured me a place to stay with his co worker Kevin and that he was on the way to get me. I had no idea what I was in for. So Kevin bursts thru the door with a larger than life personality and walks right up to me and introduces himself and I just so happened to have a bite of food in my mouth so I resorted to sign language nods and blinks for instant communication. Anyways, we meet an I can tell he is afflicted. ADD is his friend and they hang out together. Alot. So Kevin and I loaf up in the car and head to his house. He has a beautiful home and his kids are at the door of said home waiting to pounce. I make it inside an I meet his wife Lauren and all the three boys. They turn out to be lively kids an instantly friendly. So we talk a little bit about various things and I jump in te shower to get clean. Kevins neighbor comes over with a blow up air matress for me. We will refer to him as codename "Anderton". Anderton begins to blow up this air mattress with his wides hairdryer and the rubber section of a breast pump that happens to make contact with the nipple area. Yeah, I know. So he proceeds to blow this thing up while we all sit on the couch and shame him. If he hadn't been a great sport with a great sense of humor it may well have been cruel. So Anderton finally finishes and says goodnight. The rest of us end up hitting the hay soon thereafter.
I get up kinda early and go with Kevin to grab Hardees and then off to his church. It was missions week there and he wanted meto go since he felt like I am a missionary of sorts and it would be good PR. I went and it was a great time. I met many people and the church itself gave a donation to the Foundation and I passed out several cards and shook many hands. Springville Church was a very friendly and generous church and thanks to them for allowing me to be a part off their service. While church was going on Rob Marshall drove by to see me. Rob and a crew called USAF7 are raising funds for SOWF as well by climbing the 7 tallest mountains in the world. It was great to meet him. It's inspiring and motivating to meet other people on the same Kim of mission. Robs pic is on FB.
After church KeV and the fam along with a family friend Erica went to a BBQ joint and pigged out. It was sooo good but once he dropped me off roseate walking again today I quickly realized that I did not wanna move. I holed up in the woods for about an hour to digest and then I struck out. I'm now between Leesa and Irondale for the night. I'll break camp early and make it to Bham tomorrow sometime in the afternoon. Look for more pics an updates on FB. I'm out. Goodnight.

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  1. For the record:
    1. MacGyver wasn't man enough to use breastpump pieces in ANY of his rigged inventions, which equates to instant man-points for me (I think).

    2. It turned out to be an effective tool...until I burned out the motor on the hair dryer.

    3. The hero in the end was the rolled up paper plate, not the breast pump nipple thing.

    It was great getting to meet you! -"Anderton"