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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Camping. Dogs are annoying.

Yes. Dogs that bark incessantly are annoying. It's happening right now. I'm in the woods and two dogs are going back and forth in the distance. Anyways, not much to tell about today except for meeting several great people. That's something right?! Several people looked out for me today with a little pocket change and it was appreciated. I'm close to Tuscaloosa, home of the Roll Tide, so I'm gonna stop and take pics of the university when I make it in town.

I set up a paypal acct tonight. Several ppl have expressed interest in using that route to donate to the cause so if that's you then please feel free to donate as you see fit. The email I used is I'm told that's what you'll need to have in order to donate. So there you have it.... More miles down... U of A is next and then on to MSU in Mississippi.
And that's it for tonight...

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