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Monday, March 7, 2011

Talladega Night.....

Well, a bad thing happened. Mostly by accident and from me not paying attention. I crossed thru Waco Ga last night and was a few miles on the west side headed to Tallapoosa when a young lady stopped me and asked me if I was Troy. I said no I'm the other guy. Troy Yocum walks across America so for military families though we are not affiliated and our charities are not working together, at least not on our respective walks. Anyways, sobi told her about me and the cause and she offered a couch for the night. I accepted without hesitation since it was cold and getting colder but I didn't ask where it was. Turns out is was right next to the Albama line. So yeah, I skipped a few miles on accident. She wasn't gonna take me back since she works in Alabama. I'll do better next time. I was actually motto far from the Tank. If any of you know where the park with the army tank out front is then I was around the corner from that. It turns out that she and her husband have a horse ranch on around 80 acres and they run a camp that uses the horses to help physically, behaviorally and mentally challenged kids. Not only that but they also are in the process of adopting several teenage children. This is an awesome family and I am honored to have stayed in their home. If you want to find out more about them check out... Rachel's Wish Foudation 770-574-8104 Buddy or Sandra.
For the most part of yesterday, Chris walked with me. You all probably saw the pics on FB and if not then drop by and check them out. It was enjoyable to have him there an we definitely had a few cool adventures along the way. No, I won't tell you. Janvier, Chris's awesome wife, played scout Nd drove all the way to Alabama for me to tell me what was ahead. We all had a late lunch at Cracker Varrel where we met a kid in army uniform, and a future ranger officer. It was. Productive and fun day yesterday.
Today has been a great day. Not really anything productive as far as PR for the cause. Ut I w noted the walk. I was up at 5 am an walking by 6. I made 20.5 miles today by 5 pm so I am happy. I'm now in the woods of Talladega National Forest and I'm going to get to sleep early and work towards a greatest tomorrow as well.
Have a great night everyone
Also, I like how I gained an extra hour this

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