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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Enroute to Jackson...

I apologize for my absence these past few days. I have had several great experiences which I will share with you. A few days ago I crossed into Ms and it's been good to me since I arrived. I hadn't been over the state line more than 30 mins when a cameraman with a local news channel pulled up and questioned me as to whether i was the guy walking across the US an I said yes. I let him drive me to a gas station within eyesight so I could grab a much needed cold drink. After my Gatorade he took video of me walking down the road and he was off to work his craft with the video for the news that evening. I was having some blister trouble at this point and it was slowing me down considerably so I found some woods outside Colombus and set up tent forthe night. I wasn't a happy camper as my feet hurt and I really wanted to be on the west side of colombus by nightfall. I was grumbling and complaining but it was all for a purpose as you will read. So I went to sleep.
I wake up somewhat late and just after I wakeup I get a phonecall from a lady who is an Army vet. Seems she saw me from the news that evening before and wanted to buy my breakfast. I told her my location and she showed up but not exactly byherself. She had called a reporter from the Commercial Dispatch and had her show as well and we all went to BF to eat and hear the Trek story and it's cause. After BF the lady that took me to eat offered to see if her husband could give me a tour of the helicopter plant he worked at. He said he would and so she drove me over there. He was a smart guy and well versed in his company. He gave me a guided tour of the plant and he took several pictures of me as well in the build area. Alot of the inner workings of the area are secret so details can't be discussed as to what is being built exactly but it's a chopper that the military will use for various purposes such as medevac. After the tour he graciously took me to lunch an then to several stores so that I could get the supplies I needed. After all that he drove a short distance to my friend Jonathons house. Jonathon and I went to combat medic school together in the army and we have kept in touch here an there over the years. He is in the ROTC program at MSU as well as playing Safety for the MSU Bulldogs football team. I stayed with his family at their awesome country abode. They were all so very gracious and compassionate toward myself that I didn't know how to act halberd time. There are 13 kids in the Phillips household and currently 10 of them still live at home. It's amazing to see such a big family work so well together to accomplish the days task.
Yesterday I had the opportunity to relax my feet and let the blisters heal up some. I also went to MSU with Jonathons father Randy and we spent some time going to alot of the different departments passing out cards and spreading the Trek. I was also able to land an on air spot with 91.1 which is the campus radio station. They were great atthe station and the station manager happens to be the uncle of a young lady that is a reporter from te Starkville Daily News. She met with Jonathon and I at Cappy's which is a local restaurant for lunch. She had two young ladies from the high school with her for career day. We had a great meeting and the finished product which I saw today was very well done. Huge thanks to all the media in the area for picking this up and running with it. With all the negativity that could be reported it's great to see something positive take precedence.
So last night I was able to take a few minutes and speak at the campus crusade meeting at MSU. I was able to tell a fairly large number of students about the Trek and we all know that college are broke so while there went huge donations per se there was a lot of cards passed out and I believe a great outcome will happen. Thanks to the two students who dug deep. You in the bathroom and you by the stairs. Thank you.
Today I woke up and headed into MSU with Jonathon. I was contacted by a 20th Special Forces Group soldier last night an he wanted to walk with me for a while today. We met on campus and low and behold, Wcbi the tv station showed up to cover the story again. This the same station that found me 30 minutes into my arrival in Mississppi. They interviewed both of us for a bit and then followed us all the way thru town pretty much. Itvwas great to once again seethe news media show up in support.
My new walking buddy which we will call "B" walked around 14 mules for the cause today. We had a great talk about anything and everything. It's always great to have fellow warriors walk with me. Thanks "B".
I made it to around Sturgis tonight and I'm headed to Jackson. From there I will head to Vicksburg and then move into Louisiana from there. I'm looking forward to more great experiences out here on the road. Jonathon brought me Zaxbys tonight out here in the woods and a few other goodies. I can't thank him enough for helping me out and for his friendship.
Well that's gonna do it for to iffy. Goodnight...

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