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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mississippi's Finest...

Since I have arrived in Miss the good people of the state have yet to stop caring for me. In so many ways the people of the cities that I have walked thru have gone to great lengths to find me and support the cause. I met a man that has a wonderful talent in carving wood into beautiful objects with his chainsaw. He lives in Sturgis Ms and is currently carving an Indian chiefs head for an Indian chief in South Dakota. You should have seen the beautiful creations he made from a chainsaw. I also had some of the best fried catfish in Sturgis as well. A lil diner on main street. There were two ladies inside that were eating as well and they invites me to sit with them and I did. It was pleasant company and I was happily surprised to find that a man I had spoken with inside the diner paid for my meal as he was leaving. There gave been so many instances like that that I truly can't remember them all. That's a good problem to have. Yesterday I spoke to a radio station in Iowa and recorded an interview that will play on air this Tuesday. It was for the United We Roll section. I thought the interview wet well and I was excited to be able to reach more of the Amerucan people in the heartland. Let me just saw that there are some interesting sounds in the miss night. I hear all kinds of interesting sounds outside my tent at night. Makes you wonder what's creeping around at night.....
Like I said, many people stopped to check on me yesterday and several times people bought me food and water. I met a Mississippi National Guardsman that just came back from Iraq. He hooked me up with about a Gallon of powerade and a bunch of bananas. I spent the night in the pine forest last night. I'll saythat there isn't much place where the ground is dry in miss. Had to walk for a bit to find something suitable.
Let me tell ya about these Miss'sip folks I met today. It was mid morning and I plopped down for a break outside this house in the middle of nowhere. I see a few people walk outside a minute later and one yells out to me.. Hey! Are you turkey hunting?!... I wasn't turkey hunting. I walked a lil closer and he yells again.. Are you walking to Cali? I smiled and said yes I was that guy. Thank God for the media prescence here in Miss. Well I walked on over and met a few people and I was offered a few bologna sandwiches which I took happily since I was hungry and lunch was closing in. After a while of talking about some good ol boy stuff they offered to take me into town and buy me lunch. Like I said, I was hungry and it was Mexican food, I can't tuen down salsa and guacamole. So I hoped in. Anyways, I ended up eating with this group of 5 guys and 2 girls from the area and let me tell you they will keep te good times rolling. There wasn't a dull moment with this bunch and I certainly laughed
Ore today than I have in a while. Thanks alot y'all. I enjoyed the lunch and the company.
After looking at the map it seems im in for a long haul over the next few days. It's 22 plus miles to anywhere it seems. Gonna have to pack heavy and walk hard. And then it's another 25 plus miles after that so I'm gonna have to suck it up. Anyways, I'll make it. It's getting late and I have a long day tomorrow. Goodnight

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