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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Waitin out the rain...

Today has been a fun day. If you haven't seen the videos from earlier today then you should go to YouTube and look for the Golf Ball videos under my username, TrekForHope2011. You are gonna love it! I won't say anymore about it but that.
I'm staying with a husband and wife and they are both prior service veterans. Desert Storm era to be more precise. Chris an Janvier are their names. They are wonderful people with generous and kind hearts. We have been playing with the various toys out here on the property. They have a couple old military vehicles that we can ride around in an we did that for a bit today. Check FB for pics. Chris and Janvier had a couple in for a visit and they were staying in the guest house next to the main house. I was able to spend some time with them today. Joseph and Cindy were their names and I was able to meet Cindys dad. Her dad is a veteran and Navy corpsman during the Okinawa invasion. He was a great guy and I enjoyed listening to his stories. Its truly an honor to be allowed to meet these heroes from a time before mine.
Tonight Chris and Janvier threw a birthday party for a family friend and I gorged myself on cake and ice cream. It's just calories for the road right? So after the party we then ate dinner and now I am stuffed and sleepy.
When Chris and Janvier picked me up yesterday they certainly surprised me. I am an army medic and they picked me up in a FLA. Any army folks out there? So it's basically a humvee with a cargo box on back set up for ambulance services. It's a ground medevac platform. That was really cool. Medevac coming to rescue the medic on the road!
The past two days have been an awesome experience. Today Chris took me to an eatery in downtown Villa Rica called the Tin Roof Cafe. Awesome place to eat and let me say thanks to them for the free lunch. Since I had on my sterile uniform they gave me my food for free. How great is that?! I am constantly reminded of peoples gratitude along this journey. While I was eating a lady came up and thanked me for my service and walked on. A few moments later. Young couple asked me if I was the walking soldier and I said yes. They ended up thanking me and offering a contribution of their own to the cause and my well being. I don't think there are enough kind things to say about all the amazing people I have met thus far. I can only imagine as to what lays before me.
I plan on heading out in the morning so long as the weather is ok. I think it will be. Onward to Bama! I should make Tallapoosa tomorrow night and camp out and then cross into Bama the next day.
I'm headed to bed. Goodnight all....

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  1. Glad to hear that you are safe tonight. I have been concerned about you this weekend with all the nasty weather. Good to hear that the Father is taking care of you. Keep your updates coming as you are in our prayers.