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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Closing in on Miss'sip!

Today has been a long day. Even though I started late at around 9am it just seemed to be a long haul. I have noticed that as the sun bears down hotter upon me it becomes harder to push myself up the hills. I am also consuming much more water than when it was cold but that's to be expected. On the west side of Bama stores are a tad farther apart do that means I must carry more supplies just in case although that equals a heavier bag. I'm actually sweating in my tent right now and the sun is almost down.
Anyways, I met a Special Forces soldier today. He saw me on the news and when he spotted me roadside he stopped to say thanks and make sure I had enough supplies. He was overly grateful to me for what I was doing and I guess ibwas a bit taken aback that an operative would be that grateful to me for walking across country for their foundation. I could understand a level of high respect and gratitude but then I noticed his daughter in the car and I realized he was grateful because I was walking for her. He knew te foundation and what it stands for so he knew also that if anything happened to him that SOWF would step up to the plate for her awns that's why he was so thankful. It made sense from the Father point of view. I know I would feel the same way if the roles were reversed. "C", you are most welcome and I consider it an honor to walk on behalf of the Spec Ops community.

Yesterday I was in tuscaloosa and went sight seeing around the university of Alabama. I took several pics of the stadium and the school so check out FB to see them. I met a guy at Firehouse Subs that writes for a school paper and he said he wanted to do a story on the Trek an would be giving me a call. I hope he does.
I also stopped off at a Marine Corp officer recruiting station and passed out some cards. They all seemed impressed by what I was doing. They were a bunch of great guys.... At least for Marines! JK!
That's about it for these past few days. I need more local media attention. That's what seems to help in the cities the most. HLN has been doing an awesome job of promoting the Trek and the cause. Make sure you send a email or call them to say thank you. They have been featuring the Trek on the morning shoe with Robin Meade and on the Cross Country segment.
Well, it's Tent night as I said. I'm off to dreamland in a few. Take care and goodnight.


  1. Are you coming through Columbus or Starkville today? Would love to meet you and help. My husband and I are both Army Veterans.

  2. Matt,
    We would really like to chat with you by phone when you are up to it and possibly do this at other points along your Trek. This would be on our United We Roll show I host that is in its 10th year of military support. We are at
    Even if we can not work that out, please know that we are with you in spirit and thank you so much for your service and for your Trek now.
    Take Care!
    Judi at Stardust Radio