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Monday, March 14, 2011

Southwest of Birmingham.

I slept by a creek last night and it was a peaceful sleep. Flowing water 10 feet from your tent has a way of putting most people to sleep I'm sure. So I woke up and packed my gear and headed off to Irondale. I slept just outside the city limits so I walked towards the downtown area and as I was walking a man on a motorcycle stopped to talk with me. His name was Lou and he was a Patriot Guard rider. I gave him my card and we took a couple of pics and he went about his way. He emailed me later and said he passed my info to a high level PGR member so that they could watch out for me intheir areas an provide support as they are able.
I made it into Irondale and at the suggestion of a FB follower I found the Irondale Cafe which is where they supposedly shot the movie Fried Green Tomatoes. Right before I went in to eat a man named Bubba found me and stopped to shake hands. He had seen me on tv and wanted to say thanks. He did and we parted ways. While I was inline getting my food he appeared again an wanted to eat with me so I said I would enjoy the company. Also, several senior citizens of the female persuasion were in the bathroom line and they read the sign on my bag. Well they were instantly impressed and it became picture time. So a few pics later and I was eating. The food was excellent and I only wish I could have eaten more.
Several members from United Airlines Retirees were eating there also and they had seen me on tv as well. They came over to greet me and say thanks.
So after eating I stopped by Bubbas shop just down theride to load up on some water. After that I headed to Birmingham. Once I got to Birmingham Michael Miller from Alabamas News 13 found me and performed a great interview with me roadside. It should be on tonight sometime an I was told they may be able to link the story on FB.
So now I'm in a hotel for tonight and I'm finally dry. It rained on me for my last 4 miles. I need to go wash some clothes here in a sec. Let me say that I had a horrible time navigating birminghams roads. GPS and reality were a bit different at times. Anywys, I made it. So I hope you all have a great night and I'll try to get you guys an update for tomorrow. Goodnight

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