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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Living the high life in the Hampton!

I left my motel room this morning and hit up the continental breakfast for some coffee and pastries. Breakfast of champions! As I was leaving one of the employees recognized me from tv and came out for pics. We grabbed a few photos and I was off. I had to walk 1.4 miles in the wrong direction to a Post Office that I was expecting a package from SOWF to arrive at. It didn't arrive. So, I worked out a plan with the PO to get it to me should it arrive in the morning. Hopefully it does so I can have those items to pass out at some point. So I'm in a hotel waiting.
I met many people today. Alot of people stopped me because they recognized me from the tv. The media support has certainly helped out and I'm grateful for it. An airforce vet bought me lunch today and I ate with him and his neighbors. It was great having company for lunch and we had intelligent conversation which if you have never trekked the US alone you wouldn't really appreciate that small detail of life as much as I did today. You can only be so smart when you talk to yourself and after a while you feel a bit loony. Maybe it's just me.
Two wonderful ladies at the Army Navy surplus store helped me with a few items today and with some extra lunch money as well.
I spoke with the wife of Bessemer's former Mayor also. She had a nice car :)
Tmobile employees helped out today also. They saw me walking by and called the BBQ place I was eating at and had me come back sorbet could say thanks and give a donation. If you live near Bessemer Alabama go eat at Bob Sykes BBq. Great food and great portions. I couldn't finish it all.
So that's about it. Also thanks to the young lady from Aarons rent a center.
Yeah, that's about it. One more thing... If you have my number then it won't be turned back on till tomorrow. It's being ported from ATT to verizon so it may be lunch tomorrow before it works. Just an FYI. Ok ppl, I'm done for the night. Goodnight.

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