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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Out behind the woodshed.

I woke up the next morning around 1000. I had trouble sleeping the night before and I don't know why. I could speculate but that's pointless. After I and the Kirby's got moving for the day we went down to the Hiram coffee shop in downtown Hiram Ga. The coffee shop had a warm happy feeling inside with an overall gentle aura. The main room inside was filled so we agreed to enjoy our lunch on the back patio. I ordered a corned beef sandwich with my usual coffee shop beverage, a medium coffee with a shot of espresso. We enjoyed ourselves greatly on that patio, laughing at each other but mostly laughing at Daniel. Daniel is the youngest of the Kirby children and quite the comic. He has a very outgoing personality with a highly creative imagination. He certainly doesn't meet a stranger and has keep things lively for us all. After some time on the patio we all wet next door to the cigar shop to view the inventory and enjoy the aromas. After toiling around inside for a while we left for the house. It was mostly uneventful for the remainder of the afternoon. About 500 we picked Gail up from work and headed over to Bay Breeze seafood restaurant. The family wanted to take me as a treat. I really enjoyed the atmosphere in the building and we had a server in training at our table so we made his night a little more lively shall we say. After a great dinner all of us piled in the car and went to American Legion Post 111. I was invited in to the meeting so that I may be able to share my story and share the Foundation with the members. They were all very receptive and interested on the cause. A little later I was invited in to the Auxillary meeting which is generally the wives and or lady associates of the Legion. Again, all were receptive and greatly appreciate of the Trek. We stayed a while and I spoke with many of them an took many pictures for FaceBook. We all left and headed to the Kirby abode.
I woke up about 615 today, packed my things and we headed out to a local breakfast place for a grand biscuit and coffee. We met Gail at her work and ate BF in the pEking lot. After that I was dropped off at the spot where the found me and we said our goodbyes and that was that.
I walked on for a ways thru Lithis Springs and then Douglasville. I met up with Don Ho at his shop Custom Mufflers. He is a Legion Member and wasn't able to make it last night to the meeting but heard about the Trek and asked me to stop by. He gave me some lunch money and we Took a few pics for the photo album and I headed out with a destination of American Legion Post 145. On the way I passed a great BBQ place called Hudson Hickory House. Man that place smelled heavenly and the sandwich was even better. I sat inside for a while and as I was eating the owners son came out to say hello and wish me well. I also met a guy who has a brother thT is finishing up Ranger school and I spoke with him about that and other things and he said he would certainly get his brother involved in the FoundaTion and the Trek. After a few goodbyes to everyone I headed out the door and on to 145. I arrived a while later and walked inside. I walked up to the bartender and shook his hand and explained who I was. Don Ho had called him earlier and told him to expect me. I introduced my self to an officer of the Legion and I was told they would put the word out. I was then introduced to a table of men and women. One in particular was a former Ranger officer and we spoke about the Trek and the Foundation and how he had never heard of the Foundation before I mentioned it. It's a huge honor for me to introduce a Spec Ops Warrior to the Spec Ops Foundation. It's monumental for me. So I passed out several cards and shook many hands. A Navy man spoke with me for a while about the walk itself..... Curiosity and amazement wrapped in one I think. He continued to thank me and to wish me well. I never would have thought I would be able to touch this many peoples lives and certainly not like this. How great is this for ME?!
Well, the title tells you where I am. I'm behind 145's woodshed holed up from the cold Nd the wind. Maybe Villa Rica tomorrow or maybe I'll just walk till the next big thing happens.....

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